Sunday, February 1, 2009

What Are You Doing with That Camera?

Oh, you know I have a severely out of focus version of this shot. Curiosity might not have actually killed the cat, but it sure does lots of other interesting things. For instance, I think I probably have Momo's noseprint on the lens of my camera! Silly, curious, fun kitten :) Did I tell you what she did when I fired up the torch last week? She sat at my feet and stared upward at the flame for a long time, then she climbed into my chair and up onto my shoulder to try to get a better view! I wonder if they make didymium safety glasses or welding helmets in feline sizes? Heehee, can't you just see all our pets lined up at the torch? Sort of like that old print of dogs playing poker?
What am I doing with that camera today, by the way? I am taking that camera along for a ride to look at a house prospect. The way our luck is going now that the beancounter is actually serious about buying, we'll get there only to find out a contract was just signed late yesterday afternoon. Years of me saying, "When are we going to buy a house closer to St. Louis?" Years of him saying, "When the time is right." Now that the time has been deemed right, every time we get ready to make an offer on a house, we find out it has just been sold. Argh! The internet makes househunting from your own kitchen table fairly accessible, but it has its drawbacks. Consider that lovely Swiss style house I spotted online sometime last winter. It was beautiful, if a little dated by the stucco and timbers. Once we got there, it also turned out to be a beautiful house with a gigantic ditch between it and the road. It was located in Panama, Illinois. Funny coincidence, that. It looked like the Panama canal ran right between it and the road. We made the mistake of going into the driveway on a day when there was snow on the ground. Well, going in and coming out were two different things. I thought we were gonna have to push the van back up the hill. . .and our van has all wheel drive!
I'm taking the camera with me today, just in case we have a chance to detour back along the river and look for eagles. Of course, should the Grand Canyon or the Erie Canal have been relocated to the yard of the house we are touring, I'll try to take a picture :)


Studio Marcy - Marcy Lamberson said...

Wishing you tons of luck on your house hunt

Maggie said...

Love the kitty! I'll be house hunting this summer and am afraid of what I'll run into. Best of luck to the both of us!

rosebud101 said...

Good luck, Ang! That is great news!

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Hi Angela,

Great picture of Momo. Hope your house hunting went well and you got your picture of the Grand Canyon. You'd have to come to my neighborhood to take pictures of the Erie Canal though smile! Oh, the house next door is for sale for a great price but unfortunately, we're not near St. Louis! :-)

I've given you the Kreativ Award since I always find inspiration from your blog!


angelinabeadalina said...

Well, guys, it was a dud. Pretty house, needed cleaning up, but pretty and had a terrific wraparound porch. The only problem was what you could see from that porch. . .ravine (but it would be your ravine), Sanford and Son (hey, junk is more than okay by me, but not all over your front yard), and more ravine (this one could be yours, too, especially when the area floods and the runoff water comes roaring through). Oh, well, like Mallory said, it's good news that the beancounter is actually ready to make offers and buy something!

P.S. Thanks, Cindy :)