Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Whispers from Your Guardian Angel

You know you have one, we all do. Some of us may believe they are literally angels guarding us, while some of us may believe they are really our innermost self reaching outward to warn us when things are about to go wrong. We hear those whispers of deep thought most often when we are still enough to really hear all around us.
But when you already know the day is going to be so busy or nerve-wracking that you won't be able to hear those whispers precisely when you need them, why not carry a physical reminder? Write those whispers down on a pretty slip of paper, fold them with love and good intents, and tuck them into this guardian angel's basket to keep them close to your heart.
This particular whisper-carrying guardian angel is for sale in my ArtFire shop, but even if you're not in the market for one of a kind glass goodies today, please listen to your guardian angel. . . she's working hard to keep you happy and healthy and full of creative energy!



who doesn't need a guardian angel...

she's beautiful...
what about the one in your hand in the right hand column ..
what's her name..
I think she's calling to me...
lov ya girl

rosebud101 said...

Wow! I love the GA! I believe I have one and he has gray hair because he has saved me from so many dangers! Someday, I'll be anxious to see him.

Lisa Rippee said...

I love this piece, Angie. And I love the posts about your children.

I've been hibernating, but I'm coming back.

I was looking for you on Facebook, but I'm sure you've got enough to keep you busy. :)

angelinabeadalina said...

Lisa, mostly I'm just too lazy and forgetful. I think I signed up for Facebook so I could look at somebody's pictures from the MidWest Glass Experience, but heck if I will remember the password next time I try to sign in-- let alone put together my page, LOL. Glad you're coming out of hibernation :) I've kept up the blog, but I've been semi-hibernating from lots of other things. Just left a comment for someone else today that I'm jumping back in because I miss all the glassy peeps! That includes YOU :)

Mrs. M, I am glad your guardian angel takes such good care of you! BTW, I think he might be occasionally be found hiding inside the personna of a certain puppeh dog named Spike :)

Hey, Mona, thanks for the compliment! That beadalina is living in Florida now (at least I think that's where it went-- most times I remember exactly). She might have a sister coming out of the kiln tomorrow morning, though.