Tuesday, March 31, 2009


You know that feeling, don't you? It's when you know the cold ketchup is going to taste perfect on the burger that's still sizzling from the grill. It's when you the aroma of melting chocolate chips wafts from the sheet of cookies in the oven and makes you drool. It's when the thick green leaves of the first daffodils push through the last snow of the winter. It's when the announcer calls the name right before yours and you watch that person walk across the stage to get their diploma. It's when you're fifteen and eleven-twelfths old and jingle the car keys in your hand, as if you're gonna walk right out the door by yourself and go for a long drive with no one else in the car.

It's when you know there's something good coming out of the kiln and hopefully sliding off the mandrel without a fight. . . but having to leave the house before you get a chance to hold up the mandrel, twirl the bead around in the light, and finally put the vise grips on the mandrel and gingerly start twisting and tugging. Oh, and don't forget that you want to take a decent picture instead of a quick snapshot because you want everyone else to be as in love with that particular bead as you are at that particular moment. . .*sigh*

This playing with glass has its moments of exquisite anticipation, doesn't it?

P.S. You'll notice I restrained myself and did not insert a link to any old ketchup commercials :) That's me, brainworm and earworm free. . .except fot the title today, heeheesnickersnickersnort

Another P.S. Now that Mallory cyber-twisted my arm (wink, wink), I guess I'll have to at least give you one link so you don't have to waste all that time hunting for the ketchup commercial :)


rosebud101 said...

If I have to wait to see the bead, then I'd like to see the commercials, please! rofl

Anonymous said...

Trust me. The title was enough - it's in my head now (both the song and the commercial...)