Friday, March 13, 2009

Bead It! Just Bead It!

Love him or detest him, doesn't matter. Bet Michael is singing in your head right now, all because of the title to this post and the way it sounds so much like "Beat It." Beats me why I'm in a mood to link you to all sorts of old songs this week, but hey, maybe I'm just "Heartless" when it comes to inflicting earworms on my online friends? Oh, and just to give your ears and mind whiplash from my radio newscaster weird segue brain, let me ask you this. I'm not a pop princess or a dancing queen, so this preoccupation with pop music is strange. Speaking of strange and dancing queens (and no, I'm not gonna go with M.J. again here-- it's going in a little different direction, LOL), if you pronounce ABBA as "ahhhba," then when asked what Fred Flintstone says, why don't you say "yahhhhhhhhhhhba, dahhhhhhhhhhba, doooooo"?
Ahem, back to the gist of the post. Bead it, just bead it, baby. That's what I've gotten the urge to do this week. Even before Ricky's niece Heather sent me a message asking if I know anything about glass bracelets (not the bangle kind, the bead kind!), the itch to bead the glass was wanting to be scratched. Of course, I know about glass beads :) I just like glass sculptures better because that's where I spread my creative wings without too many flight mishaps.
So, the question is, why in the world haven't I made beads more often so I could stay in practice? Remember all those admonishments that rang in your ears and scraped your nerves raw as a newbie? "Practice, practice, practice is the key." "It just takes a lot of practice." Alas, it is true for me, at least, that whatever I've been doing consistently is what looks best. . .and whatever I haven't been doing (such as beads, maybe) consistently looks best-be-thrown-in-the-garden.
This alabaster baby gives me hope, though. Yep, I think the bottom part of the Nile green alabaster looks frothy, but I managed to lower the flame and dethrottle the gas enough to keep from shock-popping the entire rod of glass all over my workspace. Believe me, that's a start! And the stringer work? Well, I put the symbols for "om mani padme hum" all around this focal, and they look decent enough. The thing about practice and stringer? I haven't practiced stringer work enough since I set up the big girl torch last June. I still haven't found that sweet spot of the flame where I feel like I could write a book before putting the nub of the stringer down on the worktable. I know those sweet spots exist because I found them with my Minor and with my Betta-- glorious spots where I could crank up the flame and still write smoothly. **sigh** Those were good spots, but they involved the dreaded practice, practice, practice.
Practice, practice, practice. . . That's gotta be the new mantra for me. Yep, I feel it. Gotta get some stringer work going on. . . and on. . . and on :)
Hey, Happy Friday! Remember, "Practice, practice, practice" can be a useful mantra for many different areas of your life. So, want to have a good time this weekend? Then, practice, practice, practice, baby :)


Deb said...

Now don't you go starting the songs in my head again Missy - or I shall have to do something painful to you.

Perhaps I could send you a rod of my Pale Avocado that I can shock-pop a whole rod of quite successfully even on my Mini CC turned down....or a particularly irritating song that the kids will love but you wont ;o)

I love the vessel bead Ang - & just look at your wonderful stringer work. You have certainly inspired me to keep practising.

Here's one for Kate:

rosebud101 said...

Great bead, Ang! I love it! Your stringer work is great! I'd love to see more beads from you, though. They would definitely have that Beadalina flavor to them!

spawnofflame said...

That is pretty nice for "out of practice" stringer work - especially on alabaster. I mean, actually getting a bead with alabaster is a feat in itself.

spawnofflame said...

(and no fair putting songs in my head.)

angelinabeadalina said...

LOL, just checking in before bedtime, borrowing my brother's wireless card so I *might* not have time to click on that devilish link, Deb ;) Okay, so I'll click on it for Kate, but I'm really, really hoping it is not the Gummy Bear song or the Llama song or that horrible Peanut Butter Jelly Time thing! Stringer is fun stuff, isn't it? I just wish I could wave a magic wand and get to the point of finding that sweet spot on the big torch. Of course, practicing stringer is the closest thing to meditation I know, so that's not such a bad thing to have to spend time doing :)

Okay, off to click that link before bedtime...

angelinabeadalina said...

Okay, Mallory and Rosemarie, it's safe to click :) Well, maybe a little bit annoying if you had to listen to it over and over all day...but awfully cute! Kate gives Schnappi her approval, Deb, and James has been "walking like an Egyptian" lately so it was a thumbs up from him, too!

Deb said...

LOL! Pleased that Miss Kate & James approve!
My kids (yes even the 23 year old Army dude went around singing that a few years ago. Well....just the schnappi bit - because none of them know German. The darn thing got airtime here!lol!

Until today I had never seen the version with the Egyptian theme - I knew that Mom wouldn't mind that too much.

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

Yikes, ear worms ! Is that like ear mites that the poor dog gets? yeah, I'll sing along with yoiu but I'll be darned if I can remember those lyrics - hum some for me Ang.

And...I'm sending you a butterfly award/ go to my site to pick it up.

Hugs to you and I agree and I am ending you a worm too...

"Why Can't We Be Friends". Sing it loud and proud. I thought that was in the spirit of the post.

Laurie Green-Whitney - Mermaid Glass said...

Earworms? Gross! Why must you fill my head with images that won't get out? :)

Such a gorgeous color on that bead. I need to follow your advice and throttle down. I had a rod of Celadon explode so fabulously and unexpectedly yesterday that I actually let out a little shriek. (I am totally not a shrieker.)

Happy Saturday.

Studio Marcy - Marcy Lamberson said...

Now I'm singing Michael too. Can't believe he's going to be touring.