Monday, March 16, 2009

Do I Do Pretty? Ummm, Sometimes :-)

Pretty is pastels, brights, touches of whimsy. Pretty is feminine and deliciously detailed. Pretty is a handful of glass that blends right in with a bouquet of flowers. . . and pretty is just what I usually don't do. Ivory plus the essence of woman-ity plus bold equals sensual, elemental, powerful but not usually pretty.
Pretty didn't seem like the right adjective for these beads, even. At least, it didn't until I took this picture which is definitely pretty :)
You know what? I am now compelled to dabble some more in this Pretty genre, might even become fixated on figuring out how to marry soulful and pretty in my own unique union. That's what it's all about, isn't it? Finding *the* way to express something in your own style? Finding *the* turn of phrase or medium that exquisitely echoes your very own desires and designs?
Oh, it is exquisitely satisfying, creatively speaking, when you do happen across the unique combination of components that makes your smile explode from ear to ear! The dabblings of this past week are small, literally small compared to my usual sculptures, but I hear good things come in small packages. For instance, now that I am subbing, I may end up working many school days as spring blooms and teachers with built-up time off feel the fever. If that happens (keep your fingers crossed because I kinda like subbing and kinda like a certain paycheck for certain work), then I'll have to squeeze glass melting into much smaller time slots for a while. Aha! Perfect fit-- smaller works of art, smaller time slots, not smaller satisfaction. Hmmm. . .
Of course, you know my muse travels any which way the creative wind blows, and tomorrow should bring my five pounds of dark ivory glass. There's nothing like a bountiful stock of your favorite color to spank the muse's behind and get her working on something big, you know. Boy, oh boy, these two directions of mine don't even begin to encompass all the possible directions for a person to travel with glass! Can you imagine ever getting tired of glass, ever running out of creative roads to explore?? Not me! I. love. melting. glass.


Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Beauty (aka Pretty) is in the eye of the bead holder :-) These are pretty, but then I think your sculptures are pretty too.. Keep melting and evolving your art. I had a marketing type tell me once, make what sells (whatever that is) on Mondays, spend the rest of the week making what you love... and eventually what you love will also sell.

ShellyD said...

Quite simply!! send me some of that stringer control. :)))

Ellen said...

Now you have me re-thinking the word "pretty." I wouldn't use that adjective to describe my beads, although I can't think of one right now.
I love your recent beads and it will be interesting to see what comes off your torch if your time is limited.

Diana Ferreira said...

Awwwh, that is so delicate and feminan (gosh, I know there is such a word, but my fingers refuses to write it correctly ...)

Seriously neat stringer work!

Deb said...

Ang - that is really pretty. Actually I think 'femininely elegant' is probably a better description. Love them both!