Monday, March 9, 2009

Dropped the Ball and Gone AWOL. . .

How do all of you with outside the home jobs keep up with real life and keep a presence online? Last week was a fun one for me, but subbing all four school days made the idea of coming online a wee bit daunting. Yep, I guess I'm one of those all-or-nothing kind of people, because every time I started to sit down at the computer in the evenings, I would get discouraged because I didn't think I had time to do everything. If I could find a picture to share and start writing a blog post, then how long would I have left to check everybody's FaceBook status? If I started catching up on everyone's blogs, would I end up just leaving comments on one or two and neglecting the rest? If I had something to post in a Lampwork Etc. show and tell (which I didn't, btw), then shouldn't I make sure the blog was updated so people would be enticed to click the link and come visit? Can you say "puppy dog chasing its own tail round and round and round"??
So, that was my week, and again, I have to say those of you who work outside the home and work online have my admiration!
Now, it's Monday morning catch-up for me. I do want to mention the Zachary Cruz story again, just as a reminder that we can all still pitch in to help the family of the almost-but-never-6 year old Zachary in their time of loss. If you haven't run across this story, here's the website dedicated to this "explorer for hire". (Thanks, Mona, for the heads up on the story.) You can leave a word of sympathy for the family or donate money to help with his funeral expenses. A lot of sellers on Etsy donated items from their shops to the Zachary Fund, and Marcy posted this link to those sellers. Every thought counts to those heartbroken parents, ya know? I'm going to go donate right now-- I thought I'd really dropped the ball by not doing so right away, instead of adding it to my to-do list. It's not too late, though, and I hope you'll join me if you haven't already.
May each of you have a Monday full of good things-- good health, good hugs from your family, good food on your plate, and good thoughts to keep your mind happy!


Janet said...

Let me tell ya, Ang, it's not easy. I work full-time at a law firm (for three attorneys)and have three daughters at home, well one is 70 miles away at college. Both daughters that are at home are heavily involved in performing arts, as was teh oldest -- my middle DD is in color guard and choir. The youngest is in orchestra and band at school and takes private lessons for piano and up until January percussion lessons. She also just finished up as a 7th grade basketball cheerleader. She also wants to throw choir into this mix. Oy!!!

When I'm not working I spend a lot of time chaperoning (and coordinating the chaperones) with the marching band/color guard in the fall and with the winter guard from Jan. through Apr. Then in what itty bit of spare time I have left I try to get some beads made.

I just recently took the plunge and created a blog and joined facebook. My mother does not know how I find the time. Sometimes I even wonder about it myself.

Deb said...

Ang - I can so understand "Dropping the Ball" - I do it frequently even being at home full time!

I was recently offered a temp job for 2 1/2 moths that I'd love - but due to certain circumstances I'm wary of leaving the girls right now, even for a space of just 2 hours after school.

I'm picking that this is telling me something.

Anonymous said...

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