Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Friki Diki Psychedelic Dream Tiki (say that ten times fast!)

She's a Friki Diki Psychedelic Dream Tiki, and I think she belongs in the place of her dreams, don't you?
Where are your dreams telling you that you should be these days? Are you listening to what they say?
Just a wee bit of thought for the evening. More rambling, positively mouthy and quite possibly funny, tomorrow. Thanks for being patient with my quiet mood-- heck, I know you know me well enough by now to be able to appreciate a little bit of quiet once in a while :)


rosebud101 said...

Thank you, Ang! You're the greatest!

Deb said...

Hey Ang!Now this is serendipity....the Creative Everyday theme for this months is "Dream"!
I have a few (day dreams mostly) that I am trying to think of how to interpret into beads....can't you just little house beads all stacked up in a row ;o)
Wish I had half your talent - she is absolutely stunning!!! Just Gorgeous!!

Deb said...

ROFL - in too much of a hurry again, I see - please insert 'see' between the words just & little ;o)

BEADNIK (petra.janssen) said...

Hi Angie -

I'm having so much fun with my "Friki Diki Drimi" that I totally forgot about my beads last week ... :)

I also ENJOY my silence a LOT ...!

I'll check back tomorrow,



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