Friday, March 20, 2009

The Healing Power of the Calendar

Our calendars carry such incredible healing power at times, don't they? Today is the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere, and simply knowing the calendar says it is spring has made a world of difference in my outlook. If I were in the southern hemisphere, I'd be filled with yet another kind of excitement because my favorite season is autumn. Either way, that writing on the calendar has a power over my mood. . .and today, it is a healing power since I have been suffering from a need for warm weather and green leaves and sparkling strong sunshine!

Healing and protective powers have held my attention lately simply because I have been reading about amulets and talismans and find these subjects fascinating. Where do logic and science end and spirituality and belief begin? or do they exist entwined in our minds? Which has more power over illness or other problems that require healing? How do we use the two together to make ourselves whole and to grow stronger each year?

What if spirituality and belief could ward off physical illness so that logic and science were never needed to solve those problems? What if logic and science could create spirituality and belief for those who cannot find it for themselves? What if, what if, what if.

I have spent a good deal of this morning and early afternoon creating glass talismans related in one way or another to the day on our calendar-- Friday. Friday is associated with the planet Venus, the planet Venus is associated with all things feminine, and I have used feminine colors, as well as designs related to feminine characteristics.

Yesterday was Thursday, and Thursday is associated with Jupiter, making it a good day to create a healing talisman such as the ones in the picture-- the paper sketch from the book on the left, and my glass interpretation on the right. "They" say that the power of a talisman comes not simply from the symbols and marks upon it. Instead, the power comes from the faith and intent of the person who placed those symbols and marks. Do I know exactly where I place my faith? No, but I have faith in the fact that we all need some sort of faith. Do I have the intent to help someone in some way with these talismans? Yes, same as when I make my sculptures and hope they find the right home, hope they "speak" to someone in a way that somehow makes that person stronger.

Ah, but since "Thursday's child has far to go" before all her domestic chores are done, it's time to stop the rambling thoughts and wish you a wonderful start to spring/fall!


Deb said...

Autumn, for us started on the 1st of March....some days it feels like it, but most you'd never really know it....apart from the tree's slowly turning.

Just knowing that it was 'officially Autumn' was enough for my mind to start doing the 'oh no winter is on it's way' nose dive!

I love your talismans Ang! Of course anything with Orange & Black on it - I'm going to love anyway!

rosebud101 said...

Your work gets more and more interesting each and everyday. I'm glad spring is here, too!

Karolen said...

Well, here's a synchronicity - as I'm reading your post, the song "Farewell Angelina" by Bob Dylan comes on the radio.
Ha ha!

I think talismans can only reflect the beauty and healing energy that's already inside of us. I'm sure that your customers can feel the love and spirit you put into your glass work. But it's because they are already such beautiful people that they are able recognize what you put into your creations :)

Thanks for sharing yet another great post, and Happy Spring!

BEADNIK (petra.janssen) said...

Wonderful posting ...! I'll dust my "Emerging Woman" tomorrow ... as I know that she's able to heal my creative block ... :)


PEtra said...

hi sweetie...
lots of rain here today...
hope the sun comes out next week

I'm home and feeling up to it...
ready to play behind the torch next week...
love the inspiration from U..
sending some love your way

posted a nice song esp for U..
let me know if you like it...
all my love

angelinabeadalina said...

:) :) :) You all bring such smiles to my face! Mona, I think I saw it, but I got interrupted and haven't been back to play is too quiet now, everybody snoozing... I need to remember to dig out some headphones to keep handy here by the computer!