Friday, March 27, 2009

Here It Is, Deb! The Not So Perfect But Still Irresistible Orange Bead :)

If you read the comments on blogs you visit, then chances are you were wondering what in the world Deb was talking about yesterday/late last night in her second comment.
Well, she was talking about seeing this not so perfect coral, turquoise, and black bead in my newest gallery page. Do you know how there are times when you make something and you feel so drawn to it that you don't care about obvious mistakes? This is one of those beads for me. Deb loves oranges, so the streaks of different oranges playing in this coral glass appeal to her. I'm not an orange person, so I'm a little bit surprised to say this, but the oranges in this speak to me, too.
What's funny is that I was trying to adapt a rune pattern to a three-dimensional bead, and the rune is one for making yourself irresistible to all who see you. I only got half of the eight branches of the rune, but this bead is irresistible to me. I also made a huge mess of the black stringer work, but somehow it doesn't seem to matter this time.
Oh, and Betsy, this is a case where my butter knife wasn't picked up and used soon enough to straighten the edges of the stringer as I was laying it on the base bead. If you can nudge a line of stringer before it melts and attaches all the way to the base bead, you can give it a much straighter look than if you let all the wiggles show. This hint will also work for curves if you have a tiny pick or tool with a curved spatula end. Simply take that tiny curve and use it to guide the stringer over or out as needed. Once again, timing is important, so do your nudging before the stringer is melted into the base.
So, that's all there is to say about my favorite bead this week...except that I can't wait to get my non-jewelry making fingers busy and craft some way to hang this pretty baby from a leather string. She's just begging for some wire wrapping and dangles from the lip, don't ya think?


Deb said...

Gasp! Sigh! Drool! My heart skipped a couple of beats!
You just had to go & do it - didn't you Ang.

But it's OK - it's more than 8 hours, I think I can deal with it ;o)

That beauty is perfect - & Perfectly Irresistible, as it is....even in it's photo's.
You see only you knew that your black stringer work wasn't what you intended...until you told us.
To me the perceived imperfection lends to it's timeless quality. A quality I love.

Please - no dangles! That beauty needs absolutely nothing to detract or compete with it's wonderful appeal. The KISS approach is all that is required - just let that gorgeous piece of glass art speak for itself!

(currently it is yelling at!)

angelinabeadalina said...

LOL, okey-dokey, no danglies... I have already made another bead with this color combo of coral/turquoise/black, but it has a different look to it.

Hope you have a terrific weekend, Deb! I am currently contemplating a hot bath and a book, if I can arrange that with the rest of the household. I had an easy day subbing in the special ed classroom, but now my brain feels bleah. . .

rosebud101 said...

Wow! Ang! That is a stunning work of art, but I have to disagree, dangles would look great with it, perhaps with little bits of turquoise attached? That would give the bead a more earthy, organic look. Whatever you decide, though, it's awesome!

BEADNIK (petra.janssen) said...

Well, ... I love this color combo since I started to make beads ... :) (I think it was way back when they burried witches ... LOL)

Yesterday I scribbled on a piece of paper ... have a similar "sign" in front of me. Does this sign have a special meaning, Ang ...?!

Thanks, for your help,


Sweetwater Designs said...

Perfection is in the eye of the beholder..Looks pretty perfect to me.
Oddly, I've been into the orange glass myself...what's up with orange??
Lovely vessel Ang ♥

Cindy Gimbrone said...

So Angela, you've come over to the dark side, that is, making beads! BAWWWHHHAAAAA!! It's lovely! That orange coral just speaks to everyone, that's why they make 50million bajillion color variations of it! It's lovely, did I say that already?!

make more make more make more!!!

Samma said...

Angie - Love this one and love all the new work you are doing with the signs and symbols. The one with the face and symbols might just be my all time fav. Rock on sista! Samma