Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lady Snotsalot, Kevin Bacon, and The Beauty Shop

Believe it or not, I have this unwritten rule that I don't watch television or read books during the day while I'm at home working the glass artist and online marketer of glass art angles. I waste enough time online cruising my few favorite sites for new threads or posts, so I figure I don't need to add an addiction to Oprah or Dr. Phil or The Young and the Restless. We all know I'm already addicted to books, so you'll understand the idea of keeping them out of sight when I'm working.

Ah, but yesterday, yesterday was indeed a different story since I have come down with some sort of lovely itching, sneezing, runny nose virus. You know, the kind that makes you wish you'd never see, let alone touch, a box of Kleenex tissues again. You know, the kind of irritating and annoying little virus that doesn't count as being "really sick" but still manages to kick your butt. Yeah, that's the one, the one where you really ought to just suck it up and not whine because other people in this world are facing much more serious issues. . . and it's true, it's just a cold BUT dayyyyyyyyyummnation, it sucks! It sucks, and I am now referring to myself as Lady Snotsalot of the Puffy Eyelids.

So, Lady Snotsalot of the Puffy Eyelids rode her Chevrolet to town and retrieved some cold medicine from the WallaceWorldEmporium (that would be Wal-Mart, our only store with everything, but the name just doesn't sound ridiculously regal enough for Lady Snotsalot). Wonder of wonders, the cold and allergy medicine made the Lady slightly sleepy. Uh, huh, I crawled onto the couch with a blanket, but not before turning on the television and hoping to run across a fluffyfunny chick flick to pass the time.

Bingo! Queen Latifah and her girls were in The Beauty Shop, entertaining themselves and me with all sorts of banter and comments. Well, seems I missed some good parts, like Della Reese's crabby "I don't want no damn cappa-whatevers" and the explanation of "the man bag" (*snicker* because it turns out "that brother is gay alright-- he's happy as hell "). I also missed out on a few Kevin Bacon scenes, but sheesh, you can just look at this picture and tell he put a hilarious spin (or swivel if you watched him walk) on his villainous character. Jorge (say that with the trumped up "I'm reeeeeeeeesh" accent, "Horrrr-hay") drove his Jaguar (once again, use the "I'm filthy reeeeeeesh and came from Europe, doll" accent, "yag-u-war") to Miss Gina's beauty shop so he could spy on the competition. Oh, lawdy, lawdy, you might not be from the Footloose generation, but you have to appreciate this man's ability to take on a character. Anyway, Lady Snotsalot of the Puffy and Drooping Eyelids did see enough of the movie to be entertained.

Today, the Lady is adjusting to the antihistamine and is awake for now. Guess she, um I mean *I*, should get to work. Hope your day is a fun one, as fun as a Thursday (already? you sure? where'd I miss a day this week??) can be!


Teresa said...

Oh, sorry you're feeling poopie Ang!

Sometimes though you just need a day or two on the couch with the remote in one hand and the häagen Dazs in the other :O)

I hope the cold meds are helping, they always kick my butt big time, I can't take most of them.

Feel well soon and try to enjoy your down time!

Deb said...

Hey Lady Snotsalot of the Puffy Eyelids - hope those antiwhasits don't knock you around too much.

Perish the thought that you have to crash on the couch & run the risk of being entertained with something that could potentially have Johnny Depp in it.

I just watched the video links & spat my morning cappa -whatever. ROFL!

Ellen said...

Ang - did you think I'd abandoned you? Just taking me a while to get things set up on this little laptop. I realized I could find your blog through Facebook and here I am, chica!
I'll be checking in frequently now.

Sweetwater Designs said...

oh sometimes its just so good isn't it? I've just emerged from the land of cold meds and snuggly blankets myself...did you know you can rent an entire season of Grey's Anatomy?!
Feel better Angie! ♥

angelinabeadalina said...

Hey, Mrs. Altamore, I expected you to be pretty busy soaking up sunshine :) Soak some up for me, too, chickadee!

Now, Deborah and Deb and Teresa, you've got the idea-- Haagen Dazs, Depp, and Dempsey. Glad you're feeling better, Deborah.

Diana Ferreira said...

Hope her Ladyship is feeling hundreds today!

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Hope you're up and around by now. Love the pix of Kevin Bacon - he was heeeelarious in that movie.