Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shhhhhhh! Don't Tell My Mom, But I Am Bored!

I took pictures of beads. I put some of the pictures in my BeadArtists.org gallery. I made two beads that were so-so. I went to town and bought a slice of cheesecake for my lunch (and picked up the chocolate milk, skim milk, and a loaf of bread). I went back to the torch, pulled some stringer, and then decided I still didn't know what to make.

I watched the cats. Momo is starting to feel the call of the wild. She's paying attention to all the birds, stalking across the banister, and sneaking up behind the chairs to get better views of the birds in the yard.

I read some more about amulets and talismans. Guess I could count that as work since it's basically design research, right? Yeah, that's it. Design research.

Kids came home, ate as if they didn't eat their lunches at school (which is more than a distinct possibility, as I've now seen firsthand when subbing), and then played with Tyler until his mom got off work.

Ho-hum and hum-drum. Sorry to spread the boredom around, but some days just don't inspire much mouthing off from me :)

P.S. Don't tell my mother I said I was bored! She'll find something for me to do!


Deb said...

Ohhh you said the 'B' word!

Ang - you are not bored! Mothers & Artists simply don't have time to be bored. What you are suffering from is that you can't decide which, of the many things that you enjoy doing, you actually feel like doing at the moment ;o)

Deb said...

Oh - bugger! Fabulous bead by the way - I love it Miss Stringer Queen 2009!

You know if I'd seen what you are capable of with stringer before now - I would have never posted mine on my blog........

angelinabeadalina said...

Deb, don't make me come over there and whoop your hiney for not showing beads :) The stringer thing is just another obsession that sometimes gets left in the dust when I'm on a sculpting tear. Laying down stringer in a repetitive pattern is the best form of meditation in the world!