Sunday, March 22, 2009

So, How Is *That* Good Luck, Mom??

Last time we went to Kentucky, "Grandma" Vicky gave me this piece of wood from a fallen barn on their farm. I happily put it in the back of the van, knowing I'd find something to make with it.
Yesterday, I couldn't torch buy wanted to make something, so I got out the piece of barn wood. Hmmmm, seemed like the perfect palette for some hex signs. A distelfink (which is really based on a goldfinch!) for good luck. A star ringed by a brown circle for good luck throughout a lifetime. A rosette for even more good luck.
While I was drawing the hex signs on my piece of barn wood, James and Kate were drawing good luck signs on paper plates. Kate let out a big sigh and lamented that Grandma Vicky didn't give her that piece of wood. A few minutes into this conversation, I explain to the kids that Vicky gave me that piece of wood from a barn that had fallen down. I wondered aloud if I should give Vicky this in return.
Katie looked at me shrewdly, then says, "Well, maybe you should give it to Grandma instead since her barn hasn't fallen down yet. Grandma Vicky's barn already fell down so the good luck signs won't help it."
Guess she's got a point, huh? So, ladies, don't know which one of you will get the sign. . .or maybe I'll keep it and make something else for you all :)


WhimsybyMari said...

Oh Angie Katie is such a funny girl.. I laughed so hard Dennis asked what was wrong,

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

The acorn didn't fall far from the tree... I concur Katie is a lot like her Mom... I bet she's artistic too.

Deb said...

LOL! Miss Kate did not come down in the last shower did she Ang? A wise girl indeed,just like her Mum.

I love the rationale that kids have - it often makes so much sense!

(I'm also trying to talk Miss Gabby into making a video of the weaving of those little decorations that were beside the 'self explanatory' basket.....)