Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What Has You in It's Grip... and What Is Your Vice?

Poor mannequin, she's had a rough tumble or two lately, mostly due to a combination of children who find her fascinating and a mother who can't get hold of that teeeeensy spring that connects her now absent left foot and calf to her left knee. And, yes, the very same aforementioned children are also fascinated with turning the handles on the vise. That, my friends, is going to become a vice when the vise gets unwound all the way and falls on somebody's toe! I do admire the mannequin for her attitude, though. Look at her, sitting jauntily there where I posed her because I don't have any new glass to show you! Isn't she the picture of joy, with her casual pose that seems to say, "Ta-daaaaa! Look at me, living life and being free"?

I want to live like that. Alas, I think I can imagine living like that in minute detail, but as the Brad Paisley song says, "I'm so much cooler online." I find it very easy to think and write as if I am a carefree soul living all turns of life joyfully, but in real life I find it isn't so easy. Sat-on-the-sunglasses-again, spilled-espresso-before-I-got-a-single-sip, screwed-up-the-paperwork, and forgot-to-do-the-laundry real life. . . that's where living your ideals and dreams and inspirations gets a little dicey from day to day, don't you think?
Well, I started writing that this morning about 6a.m., and it's now about 9p.m. What has me in its grip right now is my failure to remember how to do slope, slope intercepts, and word problems that use slopes to answer questions. Last time I subbed for the seventh and eighth grade teacher, she was impressed that a sub could teach the math lessons for the day. Today sure humbled me. I could not remember enough of that math lesson to really teach it to the seventh and eighth grade class. Okay, so subs aren't really expected to run with every lesson plan. . .but I feel bad. These kids need to review this information for the upcoming ISAT tests, and I let them down by not fully using the available time for review. I'll be there tomorrow, too, because the teacher is still sick. . . so I'm off to google some stuff and maybe find a different review approach that will jog my memory. Wish me luck, 'kay?
P.S. The rest of the day was pretty good, and I am amazed at how much fun it is to discuss fractions with fifth graders, watch sixth graders work hard to complete their test plus review work, see eighth graders willingly grab their Accelerated Reading books when they finish other assignments, and laugh with seventh graders over a game of spelling word S*P*A*R*K*L*E* gone crazy :)
Another P.S. Hope everyone gets a chance to pass along the word about helping Zachary's parents in their time of need, and hope each of you is blessed with many hugs from your families and friends this week.


rosebud101 said...

Ang, what a joy you must be to have as a sub. I would have killed for someone like you when I taught. You have a zest for life and a joy that you can pass on to all of your students. Even the ones, like me, who read your blog! Have fun teaching tomorrow. Don't let the kids sink the sub!


hey sweetie ...
with the help of Marcy.. got a lot of help for this family...
there was a great donation and I need to figure out how to auction it off ... was hoping you could give me some help with the lampwork etc. donation...
has been a overwhelming day for me.. this kind of stuff brings up childhood pain that is just tooooo much..
lets talk on friday if you're not subbing..
love mona