Monday, April 27, 2009

5 Things-- Just Write 1,2,3,4,5 Things!

Lunch break. Drove home to raid the fridge for leftovers (made a BBQ chicken sandwich). Think, yet again, that I need to write something, anything, for the blog before I completely forget how to post an entry. Not a single thing has tripped my creative writing trigger in the last few days, not one single thing.
Sandy Wright's third and fourth graders don't know that, though. I just insisted that they write, yes, actually move their pencils and write, during their entire creative writing session. Hmmph. Guess you know that makes words like "hypocrite" and "those who can't, teach" run through my head right about now.
Without further ado or whining, I shall now write, just write, five things. Ready? Here we go :)
  1. The lonely torch sighs as the oxygen and propane course through its hoses. Finally, a human has remembered to light the flame and melt glass. The kiln winks at the torch, sharing a metallic high five! (I torched for the first time in what seemed like weeks yesterday...)
  2. Mrs. Bradham is retiring at the end of the school year. I am so glad my children had her to teach them. Strict and "100 percent all about school" would be adjectives they've uttered, but I think they already know it been a good foundation.
  3. Chocolate chip cookies do not have to be homemade to make your taste buds smile.
  4. Dragons are not overrated, just under-seen. The sky looks like one could come swooping down from behind the clouds at any moment. I'd like to see a benevolent Eastern dragon with sparkling scales, trailing silk ribbons and flickering flames.
  5. Wonder if that extra fizzing sensation from drinking a bit of Diet Coke after eating chocolate chip cookies is meant to be a deterrent to eating more sweets. Blech.
Alright, that's five, and I gotta get back to school!


rosebud101 said...

Wow! Ang, what a great creative writing exercise! You dun good!

Deb said...

Now why did the lyric of Frankie Goes to Hollywood's "Relax" pop into my head when I read this post ;o)

You know when you can think where to go on one creative endeavour - do something completely different & the idea's for the one you were 'stuck' on will abound (blardy Murphy's Law).Of course this usually happens when you are in the shower ....or driving & by the time you get to execute the idea that was so good - you've forgotten what it was :o)

Cool post Ang & it made me think of a T-Shirt that I saw yesterday (even though I have no idea why). "Aliens took our Teacher - she gave too much homework, so they sent her back"

Linda said...

Sometimes it IS hard to figure out what to write! But, I like your exercise here of writing 5 things....they all are great beginnings to a larger something. I liked the "strict teacher" bit. We've had a few "old school, strict" teachers retire over the last few years and they are truely missed. Nothin wrong with strict..........its good for those who need crystal clear boundaries & crystal clear expectations!

I also got thinking about those cookies. I just returned from the grocery store and ended up with lots of sweets I don't need but WANT! Mint Oreos, thin mint ice cream, cannolis and strawberry twislers..And I don't really have a sweet tooth...

Maggie said...

Nana's Chocolate Chip, fruit juice sweetened, no refined sugar, cookies are mighty tasty. Really!

No idea what grade I will be teaching come fall, but I like the idea of making students write a "Five Things" creative list of thoughts/ideas as a beginning activity.

angelinabeadalina said...

Maggie, I know your students are going to love you, no matter what the grade! Linda, your shopping cart sounds deliciously wicked :) Hmm, Deb, my "great idea" moments tend to happen at 3:30 in the morning, and by the time I finally wake up and try to remember them I wish I couldn't recall them, LOL...something about the light of day that tends to make them seem a lot more lame! Mrs. M, I am so loving subbing, the kids make the ideas fun!