Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Good Thing It's Wordless Wednesday, Because I'm Speechless :)

Cooked coral. Lots of times, I mean to do this to coral, same as I like to work ivory to death and beyond. This time, I didn't mean to do it, but coral stringer can be a delicate thing in the hands of a big-honking-flame-loving woman. Anyway, the coral really faded alot, faded into a peachy pink that really is kinda pretty in this Healer Woman pattern. I like, but then I'm a little warped like that, seeing as how I didn't learn all the "rules" when I first started playing with glass.

Moochie doesn't really care whether or not I break a few rules, either, as long as it doesn't change her meal times and she also gets opportunities to inspect the beads.

Silly cat, scarves are for humans. . .and for picture props. But, hey, Mooch, you go right ahead and snuggle down into my scarf while I'm trying to take a picture :)

Mmmmmmmm, sheer, silky, perfect for twining my claws into...

Oh, yeah, wish I could just dive into that human scarf, like diving into a pool of crystal clear water...well, except that I'm a cat and I'm not going near any pools of water, crystal clear or not.
So, there ya have it, another case of feline saves the day by distracting mouthy woman from rant. If you ever have one of those moments that make you wonder why people do what they do, hang in there. . .go home and pet your cat (or not, depending on the cat-itude of your particular feline) and feel better about the world :)


rosebud101 said...

Ang, that is one fabulous bead and kitty! Your stringer work is fabulous! Wow!

artemissne said...

ooh I so want to tickle that belly! :-D and that bead looks gorgeous, rules be damned!

Deb said...

Yet another stunner Ang! More timeless beauty designed to endure - I love it!

Oh yeah there she goes... personally I think Moochy has been sending telepathic (or telepathetic)messages to a certain ginger mog that I know.

I was sorting glass canes yesterday & he tried to help by sitting in the middle of a pile & picking 46cm long canes up with his paws. *sigh*

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Yummmmmm cooked coral! It brings out the pinky peaches - slurppppp!!! Love the bead, Angie and the scrollwork is fab!

Glad you never learned all the rules first, yours are just right!