Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Fooling, These I.G.S. Kids Are Stars :-)

You know I'm going to show you pictures of one of my own kiddos, but each and every one of the Irvington Grade School students present at Family Reading Night walked down the red carpet and then did their handprints for a Reading Walk of Fame. Just like Hollywood stars sinking their hands into fresh concrete to leave their prints on the Walk of Fame, these kids were celebrated. What were we celebrating? Reading books and taking comprehension tests to gain points in the Accelerated Reading program during the school year. The teachers and staff went all out for the occasion, wearing glitzy tiaras and sparkling clothes and treating each student arrival as a big event. If you ever want my opinion, I'll tell you that small schools are the BEST!

Here is James, the boy who has refused to fingerpaint ever since he was a toddler. I wish I could've caught the look of hesitation on his face right before he plunged his hands into the paint!

P.S. Scholastic book company's book fairs are incredible! All this week, the books are all Buy One, Get One Free!


Diana Ferreira said...

'Now, what do I do with this gunk on my hands?'

Thank you for sharing, and I agree with small schools. they are the best!

Jarre - slang Afrikaans. Jarre, but this work really make me tired! (could use any exclimation type of word in it's place ...)

Deb said...

Oh well done James! Sounds like it was a fun week Ang! Reading well is so very important, but what is even more important is that in this age of electronic everything - kids learn to enjoy reading!

I agree Scolastic books rock - I think they are probably one of the biggest encouragements to keep kids interested through the schools.
(this is assuming that they run the 'in school' monthly book club programs there too ....or else you aren't going to know what on earth I am talking!)

angelinabeadalina said...

Yep, same Scholastic, Deb. I loved those monthly book fliers when I was a kid. James and Kate get them, but I have to admit I'd rather buy the books at the these traveling book fairs are incredible. They come twice during the school year, and the BOGO deal is absolutely awesome.

rosebud101 said...

Go, James! I love those reading programs!

Maggie said...

Very cool! I want an event like this at my school!

Love Scholastic also and I still get a kick sending out the monthly fliers. I'm like the kids looking at all the offerings. They do a lot for schools.