Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring 1971

This morning finds me digging through stashes of stuff, searching for goodies to use in my fortune teller booth at the school carnival, detouring through old photographs, lost in the remember-when's.
By the way, rejoice with me, fellow packrats, for I found a stash of upholstery material that will do nicely for the fortune teller's booth :) Now, to scrounge around some more and find the "bones" that will hold it all up. Hmm, gotta think on that one.
The thing is, thinking is not really what I want filling my agenda today. We have looked at houses, discussed good points and bad points of each repeatedly this weekend. We have discussed politics this weekend, repeatedly alternating between preaching to the choir and giving the other person up for completely lost in the wrong opinions. . . all of which led me to print out and read copies of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and rest of the Amendments. Thinking is my usual mode of operating, quite often to my detriment, you might argue. Today I crave a fluffy little break :)
That's where the old pictures come into play. The one above had to be taken in the spring of 1971 because the baby that Tommy is holding is my little brother. William Lee was born in October of 1970, so that helps date the picture. The other little boy in overalls is Tommy's brother, William Kelly. Thirty-eight years later, both the brothers in overalls are gone. That part is sad, but the memories of playing in that driveway, running around that house, and venturing into the big barn at the end of the driveway are all happy (well, except for the time the rooster tree-ed me and wouldn't let me get past him and back to the house). The tallest girl, the cutie in the red dress with white ruffles, is my cousin Doris Jean. The littlest girl is my sister, and this could possibly be the last known picture of her wearing a dress, LOL! That's me on the end, long hair and short dress.
Guess that's why we take pictures, knowing the tiny square time capsule will be a good remedy for a blah mood someday, huh? I'm sure in a much better mood :)


Anonymous said...

OMG! This picture is fantastic! Isn't it amazing how much things have changed since then. It's like we're living on a different planet, and actually, I guess we really are.

I hate to admit that, gee, it seems like only yesterday to!

Deb said...

What a fabulous photo Ang!

I'm thrilled that you took time out from thinking to look through the photo's, & took the time to tell us about it. It's sad that both the boys in overalls are gone - but wonderful that you have those memories.

I have photo's of my cousins & I lined up like that.....but from the 60's.eeeeek! lol!

You know I was a bit older than you in the 70's - but currently I'm watching a TV series called "Life on Mars" (about a police officer from our time, who finds himself back in the 70's).... the title describes it perfectly.
Comparatively it is indeed like another planet.

angelinabeadalina said...

It is quite another world, Teresa. I agree, but what you and Peer do helps preserve the good things from that other time (not just the '70's).

Deb, I'll bet you were the bitty baby in those cousin lineup photos! You aren't that much older, chickadee :) Can you imagine actually going back, like the police officer in the show you mentioned? That show must be a hoot!

Profusion said...

Ha! I knew that was you on the end. You look just like Katie :)
(who was born in '71 by the way)

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Great picture... I have a similar on my cousin gave me.... bones... for the tent... cheap bones too... PVC pipe... you can build anything with pvc :)