Friday, May 8, 2009

How Could I Miss It?

This funky assymmetrical doololly was hanging from a string around my neck last night, and my sister-in-law Nancy asked if it was one of mine.
She asked if it was a monkey. Now, since I'd been thinking of arrowheads and Grecian urns when I was playing with this glass, I was taken aback for a second. I asked if she meant it looked like a monkey because the handles look like ears? Nope, she was reminded of that Disney character, what's his name?
THEN I SAW IT. Picture Rafiki, or if you don't have Lion King fans in your life, then think "mandrill." See the huge eyebrows? How about the mouth or chin? The indented diagonal lines add to the illusion.
How cool is that?


Deb said...

LOL! Ang, I completely missed monkey until you step by step detailed it! Just couldn't see it.

All I could see was urn, Grecian, antiquity...yum!

Now, the burning question is, does this mean I'm a creative like you....or just have the inability to think outside the box?

Darn it's early for me - at least I remembered to read & comment this morning. Instead of reading & 'thinking I'd commented'.

rosebud101 said...

Now that is cool! I love the monkey hidden there! rofl

angelinabeadalina said...

Well, Deb, if there's a "box" involved in this particular instance, then I was stuck in it, too. I made the darn thing, and I didn't see the Rafiki until Nancy mentioned it, LOL.

Hope you and Mallory both have a good Mother's Day weekend! That goes for all the other mothers and nurturers reading this, too :) :)

Samma said...

Happy Mother's Day, Angie. Missin' the monkey, but gotta' say this is one of my all time favs of yours. WOW...I LOVE IT!

Sweetwater Designs said...

I see it now..its like the black and white photo of the old lady/young girl. Isn't that a psychological test that tells us something about ourselves?
hmmm..I wonder what does it say about us if we see the monkey instead of the urn?
lol..a little question for your sil?

Sharon Driscoll said...

I was thinking the same thing about the old lady/ young girl...or vases and faces. Wow! It's a cool bead Ang...and a great angle!

angelinabeadalina said...

Hey, Samma, thank you :)

Now, Deborah and Sharon, you two are pretty darn smart to think of the old lady/young lady face thing. I can't remember the name for those kinds of pictures, but you're right about this turning out to be one of them in a way. Wonder who all has torched told old lady/young lady one into a bead? Wouldn't that be a challenge!