Saturday, May 9, 2009

Speedy Saturday Salutation

Speedy? No, not the cat, just this post, so check. Saturday, already? Check. Salutation? Heehee, just needed an S word for Hiya, so check.
  • This is the last "bloggable" picture left to choose, so here's Momo in one of her newfound sleeping spots :)
  • Momo and the Moochie cat now like each other, and they can usually be found curled up close to one another on the deck.
  • Moochie still likes to keep the little kitteh in line, though, because the kids saw her smack Momo just the other day.
  • Squirt gun waterfights have become our newest afternoon entertainment. James and Kate and Angel played cops and robbers waterfight yesterday after school.
  • No, I haven't joined the waterfights yet, but I don't plan to miss out! That would be the reason I got four squirt guns-- one for the mommy, one for the daddy, one for J, and one for K.
  • The pansies are growing and blooming and, well, surviving despite my less than green thumb. Hooray!
  • My mom is having a yard sale today, unless it is raining there now. I hope all of you in her area go buy it up, because she's planning on putting some of the leftovers in the back of my van when we get there, LOL.
  • Time to wake up some sleepyheaded munchkins. Uncle Steve brought Tanner and Victoria to visit last night. All four of the kids are now snoozing after staying up late playing (okay, so the teenager was probably watching television instead of playing).
  • Okay, toodles for now! Have a terrific Mother's Day weekend!


Deb said...

Sawasdee Ang! (Thai for hello)

Aww look at the kitteh! Happy Mothers day weekend to you all. (& oh yeah to the water gun fights - I always seemed to lose my gun to the kids!) It is already Mothers days here.

Off to spend the afternoon with my Mum :o)

rosebud101 said...

Happy Mother's Day to you! Hope you have a great time with your mom this weekend. I know that you truly love being a mom to your children. Like I keep telling you, you are making wonderful memories for your children.