Thursday, June 11, 2009

CatSpit, Summer Days, and a Pink Bow on Top

Summertime, and the living is goooooooooood. Just ask Momo! Even taking into account that dratted pink bow Katie slid over her noggin, there's not much that isn't good about hanging out on the deck on a breezy summer afternoon :)

That just about covers the "summer days" and "a pink bow on top," leaving only the "catspit" to explain. Remember our other kitty, Moochie? Well, she is definitely a feline with cat-itude. Mooch really doesn't care one way or the other about what the humans might want from her. You know, she's the kind of cat who can't hear you but cranks up her own mrowwwwwwwwwwww's if you ignore her when she wants your attention. She's the kind of cat who will nuzzle your sock feet (if she's in the mood to show affection) but freaks out at the sight of a bare toe heading in her direction. She's the kind of cat who strives to uphold the whole I'm-a-cat-and-you're-merely-a-human disdainful feline personna.

Momo? Momo, on the other hand, is a cat who thinks she might be a dog. She relishes attention, whenever you care to give it (unless you are a seven year old girl trying to put that crazy pink bow around her neck for the fifteenth time in one day, LOL). She is the kind of cat who makes a cat lover purr with satisfaction at the luck of encountering a loving feline. She is also, unfortunately, a cat who drools when she is happy.

Imagine it. You are sunning on the deck, and the cat slinks up to you, turns around in a circle three times (another dog thing!), and plops her purring self down as close to your head as possible. . . and then proceeds to drool in your ear. Ewwwwwww, catspit!


Deb said...

OK - reading your description of the "turning 3 times/act like a dog/loves any humans/not completely adverse to pink" thing - I suspect you have a female ginga ninja!

The thing is that Herc doesn't drool - but he does sleep with his mouth hanging open (must be a male thing).... & he is the master of dopey sleeping positions ;o)

That is one fabulous photo Ang - I love it!

ShellyD said...

Beautiful!! I love reading your blog.


betsymn said...

Your cat does that too!?! I've got a couple that do that. When Baby gets to purring, it just runs down her chin, which then she has to rub on the person petting her. Yuck!

rosebud101 said...

What a beautiful kitty, and so many wonderful, wonderful memories!