Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Screening Out the Thieves

This is a picture of a thief through a screen lightly. . .and thank goodness for him, that's as close as I or the cats seem to get to him when he's busy casing our joint for Cat Chow.

Momotaro the Huntress watches him, but even she of the agile claws cannot touch him. Eventually, given all the Purina product he has consumed on our dime, he ought to get so fat he can't fly!

What do you call that clicky-burpy sound of a grackle? (and is he a grackle or a blackbird?) Whatever the official birdwatching term for it, it twangs my nerves every time he does it from the edge of the garage gutter.

All I can say is that I am grateful to him for not bringing his whole flock to poop on my deck. For this, I guess I can spare a few bits of Cat Chow throughout the day :)

And that, my dears, would be the extent of my deep thoughts today, LOL. Summer vacation has begun with a great big loud bang of sibling squabbles, will-you-play-with-me-Mom's, and complaints about any suggestions that we practice our math or spelling or reading (unless the reading is Diary of a Wimpy Kid, in which case, we have a fight brewing because one keeps reading excerpts aloud and giggling but refuses to let the other one start reading one of the books).

Oh, you know we've had some fun so far, too, starting with last week when I let each kiddo have a turn skipping school and spending the day doing something fun with Mom. Considering their graded work was finished, and considering the sibling rivalry that pits them against each other so much of the time, I think the day off on their own was a good decision. James had a terrific day at school (without his sister in the classroom, something he'd hoped for ever since school began and he was doomed to share the 1st & 2nd grade classroom with Kate) while Kate and I went to the local art museum. The next day, Kate lorded it over the classroom while James was gone with me to a huge antique car dealership/museum/junkyard-of-possibilities. We've been to Carlyle Lake to play in the water at the beach, and we've gotten the cool new bicycles Grandma and Granddaddy bought for birthday presents. We've rambled through an antique mall called The Pink Elephant, where even Daddy got into looking through treasures from the past.

So, that's about it from moi today. . . Time to figure out what to fix for lunch :)


Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Summertime, summertime... what a great time for children... long hazy, lazy, hot days.. with lightening bugs to light the evenings... oh the joys of childhood.. hope your kids have a great summer. said...

takes me back a few years...
the beginning of summer... sweet
hot hot hot here....
have a great weekend
mona & the girls

Deb said...

Hope the kids have a great summer Ang - sounds like fun already!
(wanna adopt me for a few!)

The resident thief looks quite sure of himself! We had one of those at the last house - used to thrive on making irritating noises, until Bizkit eventually became a rooftop dweller.....