Monday, June 29, 2009

What Would Entice You Back to the Torch?

Hey, all you glass melting peeps, how many of you have ever packed away the torch? Given the state of the economy in the past year, I'm willing to bet I'm not the only lampworker who picked up a part-time job in the last few months. In my case, I went back to substitute teaching because I used to love it and because it would leave me an occasional day at home by myself during the week. That occasional day with no sub job would be perfect for torching, and it would all be good.
Well, the substitute teaching was as fun as I remembered it being, even after more than a decade, and I will gladly do it some more when school starts in August! I thrive on the challenge of making a substitute teacher day a fun/peaceful/relativelyproductive day for a class. Walking into a new classroom, finding the lesson plans, skimming over assignments, getting to know names-- it's all fun for me. I like it even better once I get to know the teachers and kids, which is what quickly happened at James and Kate's school this past spring. Without a doubt, I should have been a teacher, but that's another story :)
Once the sub calls started coming in, though, I wasn't as anxious to torch. The goal of paying off my glass/tool credit card balance was so much easier to accomplish once I had an outside paycheck (erratic though a sub gig might be). For one thing, I found myself much less interested in buying more glass and tools, and everyone who has an art obsession knows that buying new materials and tools is half the fun at times. Thinking and scheming and planning new product ideas always seems to lead to a list of things you just have to have for your business. Implementing and finetuning those ideas takes time, though. . .
Then, the chaos that is my workspace had to be reigned in so that other people could actually walk through what was intended to be a room that connects the back door to the kitchen. Holy moly! All of a sudden, we could walk through the breezeway without kicking a box or accidentally knocking over a stack of sculpture junk. Know what else? I realized I kind of liked having an excuse to not get back to the torch. I am a clutterbug, it's true, but it was nice to have a cleared up space. I am a glass melting fool, it's true, but it was nice to not feel the pressure to go create something because I really "needed to get back in the swing of things." I am an artist, it's true, but it was nice to own up to the fact that I am also an all-or-nothing kind of artist. That's it, in a nutshell. I want to be an uninterrupted artist. My muse runs kicking and screaming from the room when she's interrupted by phone calls and sibling squabbles and time limits. Tempermental bitch, LOL.
Now, here it is the end of June, and I've got a good reason to haul the torch out and hook it back up, even if I'll have to pack it all away again as soon as we find a house. Wanna guess what enticed me?
I'll tell you tomorrow! That's right, the blogging has suffered from the lack of glass melting, too, so I must get back into my routine :) It's going to be a challenge. As some of you can attest, summer vacation can end up being busier than the school year for a mom (and that's not all bad, witness the fun stuff that has filled my summer so far). Still, instead of waving a white flag of surrender, I need to actually work on finding a balance that includes a bit o' glass melting along with the mom-ing :)
See ya tomorrow!


betsymn said...

It's very difficult to be a mom and an artist, especially something like melting glass, where you can't just drop and go. You need to make a block of time your own without interruptions from the kids. Can Dad help you out there?

angelinabeadalina said...

Once upon a time, this was a matter of contention between the two of us, Betsy, but I can't complain now. AND, once he started taking the kids with him when he's doing things on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, then I got over being mad and realized how little free time he has for himself. Not too long ago, he even encouraged me to get my stuff back out...I think I was just scared my muse wouldn't get the memo and wouldn't show up for the unpacking. Anyway, with a wee bit of nudging from someone else, too, I just have to get the worktable set up again :) Gotta put together an extra shelf for all that stuff, clear off the workspace, dip some mandrels, and hook up some hoses, and I'll be back in business!

Diana Ferreira said...

Hey Ang
I've missed your beautiful Ivory sculptures and your blog, girl!

rosebud101 said...

We're looking forward to seeing the new glass and the new workspace!

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Hey Ang,

About the part time job - as you know, The Bean Counter quit his job and I had to put the pedal since last October plus being a Mom. So I understand how you haven't been at the torch.

So what brings me back to the torch? Well I've learned how to manage the schedule and re-fuel my gas tank so I can drive to the muse! :-) It doesn't mean I'm doing everything for everyone everyday but I've been able to say no once in awhile and get some time for me.

I've also taught the muse to be happy with the time we have together instead of being the diva she can be and want all of it. Come to find out, she isn't the all or nothing girl I thought she was. She's cooperated beautifully and our partnership is a good as it ever was!

Good luck with your muse and negotiations with her :-) You may find her more reasonable than you thought! LOL!


angelinabeadalina said...

Thanks, Diana and Mallory :)

Cindy, your wise words of experience are perfectly timed! Your muse must be one happy girl, because you are still making such beautiful things and still entertaining/informing us in your blog. Ya give me hope!