Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Well, duh. . . the chicken crossed the road to buy a new house. Uh-oh, let's clarify a few things before we go any farther down this analogy road. One-- this started out as a play on words, you know, the old joke about the chicken crossing the road to get to the other side. My parents actually crossed the road to buy the neighbor's house the same year I went away to college. That worked out pretty darn good, but I want to make sure no one reads this and then reports to my parents that I called them chickens, LOL. Two-- chickens are on my mind because I want to be able to get some chicks and raise them when we do buy a house and move. Three-- being chicken to decide on one particular house is what I have accused my husband of being these past couple of years. . .BUT IT TURNS OUT THAT I'M THE ONE WHO IS A CHICKEN BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO GIVE UP ON HAVING CHICKENS.

Didja get all that? My husband is actually ready to place a bid on one of three houses, and he is waiting for me to choose which one. All three houses are in Highland, Illinois, which is a nice town. Highland has good schools. It's much closer to St. Louis so it cuts down on the cost of Ricky's commute (timewise and moneywise). I JUST CAN'T CHOOSE.

Can you say chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-cken, bwak, bwak, bwaaaaaaaaaaaaak? The problem is threefold, i.e. there is one big problem for each house. House #1 is solidly built, roomy enough for growing kids and visiting family and two adults with their own hobbies, and just plain pretty. . .but you can't have chickens, can't have more than 4 pets, can't put up a building or fence without Leonard's permission. Leonard is the man who subdivided the land twenty years ago, and he has deed restrictions. All of a sudden, I find myself aggravated with Leonard. He's probably a very nice man, but even though House #1 is zoned agricultural, Leonard says I can't have chickens there. I understand Leonard's point of view, I do. . .I just wish he'd exercise his point of view (and his legal deed restrictions) somewhere besides where I want to live :) House #2 is almost brand new, has a lovely two acre buffer between houses, and is also pretty. . .but Leonard also subdivided that land, and to boot, whoever zones things zoned it residential which means NO CHICKENS. I am not ready to give up my idea of raising a few chickens, but House #3 is not going to do the trick for us, even though it is zoned agricultural and has a few cattle living on part of its two acres. Aha, you think! Cattle, chickens, whatever Old MacDonald-y animal you'd like should be welcome there (perhaps even an alpaca in honor of Deb?). Sure, you can have critters, but for the same price as the two nice house options, you get a much smaller house where what would be Katie's bedroom is actually smaller than the master bathroom. I could have my chickens, but eventually, somebody in the house is going to be jealous of the space the chickens have in the tiny barn that's currently serving as the restaurant for the cows :)

Why all the fuss over a flock of imaginary fowl? I hated chickens when I was a kid. I still take great pleasure in making fun of any guineas my mother has. I grew up in the country, but much as I admire Teresa's small and efficient farm in Germany, the fact remains that I am likely to screw things up and never get to a point where my critters and garden contribute a bunch to the household. (We won't even go down the Angie and green plants road today!) In light of my stalling and complaining this week, though, it would seem that I am not ready to give up on my right to live in the country. Shoot, even my city-boy husband is starting to like the idea of my chickens. How can I give it up now?


Leonard, if by some strange coincidence, if you read this, please, PLEASE, please, would ya reconsider the no chickens rule?? I can do without the moo cows, and heaven knows I'd be lost when it comes to raising an alpaca, but don't ya think you'd like it if I brought ya some fresh eggs every once in a while??


Deb said...

Now that is a tough call!

Sheesh Ang - I don't think you are chicken - I just think that the right house isn't there for you yet....or Leonard needs to revise his point of view.

Chickens aren't roosters.....
Our neighbour at our last place (in the city) had both! ;o)

Anonymous said...

But An fay duh you truely have a green thumb ??????? Well may be not if you wash the green paint of it once in a while ..... LOL LOL now if you want green the old bannaa is now a green apple .

rosebud101 said...

Good luck, Ang! Those are tough choices. I do wish you chickens, though.

BEADNIK (petra.janssen) said...

Are you talking about those crazy looking chickens you had on the blog some time ago ...?! They might be good comforters when the kids start to party (...better than Leonard?) ... :P

angelinabeadalina said...

Heehee, nope, probably not any of those crazy looking guineas, PEtra :) Maybe a few chickens, but no roosters unless the neighbors are waaaaaaaaaaay far away and won't be bothered by the noise, Deb :) Thanks, Mrs. M :) Bubby, you know I have to try, and besides, your niece would like some chickens, too! Your nephew doesn't care one way or the other, unless we're talking roosters...and where are the pictures of the green apple pickup truck??

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

We have chickens living in the swamp behind our house, and yes they have a rooster too... but after 10 years I don't even notice the rooster anymore, or the air planes and trains either... all in what you get used to. I think the search for a house needs to continue, you haven't found the perfect place yet... how about letting the real estate agent know that chickens are part of the deal for you... I bet they'll work really hard to find something for you these days.

angelinabeadalina said...

Elaine, that's an excellent suggestion. All this time, we've always let agents know we need room and the right to build a big garage for Ricky, but the chickens never seemed important enough to be put into the equation until I realized I might have to give up the idea. We're learning (finally! duh!) that we should find out codes/zoning info for the counties where we look, instead of waiting for the real estate agent to find out answers to our questions.

Laurie Whitney - Mermaid Glass said...

What?!!! That's just not right!!!Who wouldn't want chickens?

We live on the outskirts of a town that's famous for it's free-roaming chickens in the heart of the business district. They're all over - at the library, at the bank, wandering outside the local Popeye's (that's a fried chicken joint, if you're unfamiliar. The irony of that cracks me up every time.)

Everyone loves them and feeds them and traffic screeches to a stop when the mamas cross the street with their chicks.

Stick to your guns and make that realtor find you a poultry-friendly neighborhood. :)