Friday, August 7, 2009

Dude. Poop Happens.

So, the kids and I are out exploring the world Wednesday afternoon. We're at Carlyle Lake (the biggest man-made lake in Illinois), and we see all sorts of wildlife before we even step out of the van. I'll show you the pictures of the two fawns playing by the edge of the roadway another day, as well as the ones of the herons and gulls. Today, though, I have to show you the picture that has precipitated screaming giggle fits from the munchkins ever since the shutter clicked on it.
Dude. Poop happens. Sometimes it happens when you'd rather not think about it. I sure didn't go to the lake hoping to get a good picture of a gull emptying the hatch. The kids and I just needed to get out of the house and escape the end of summer blahs. I grabbed the camera case with that typical thought in mind-- if I don't take it, I'll probably see something that would make a terrific picture and be bummed because I don't have the camera with me. I snapped the poop picture while we were standing on top of the dam. It is one of many pictures of that same seagull (and yep, landlocked that we are, we have those things... I always thought they only lived at the ocean). Kate was sneaking a few pebbles down one of the walkway drain holes, but James was taking a brief break from trying to fill up the lake with rocks so he saw me taking the pictures. Gull swooping through the air on the lake side of the dam. Snap. Gull turning. Snap. Gull flying away, leaving a squirting trail behind him. . .Snap. Peals of belly laughs from the boy, as well as howls of "Kate! You missed it! The bird pooped while Mom was taking a picture!"
Poop is always funny to a kid. In and of itself, poop is hilarious to my kids, anyway. Before I was a parent myself, I thought the potty humor was a toddler and preschooler thing. Apparently, poop ranks right up there with farts as entertainment far into the childhood years. It doesn't have to have any connotations associated with it to make it funny, either. Poop is just funny to a kid.
I think I may not be as young at heart as I've always prided myself at being. Poop can be funny, but that's usually when it's used in the context of a joke or smart-alec remark or somesuch other expression that carries meanings with it. "Now, that sh** is funny!" "And then, the sh** hit the fan for real..." "Didja really think your sh** don't stink??" "Aw, geez, were we ever up a sh** creek without a paddle!" But kids? Kids don't need all the extras to fancy up the subject and make it laugh-worthy. Something poops, they laugh :)
I think there's a lesson in there, somewhere, at least for me. I imagine it's some sort of reminder to not expect expectations and connotations to be applied to such a simple act. Maybe it's a simple reminder to enjoy life in the moment and not worry so much about the past or the present. I'll have to think about it and get back to you on the philosophical ramifications of poop!
Here is where I thought I would segue into some sort of rambling about the things that have been bothering me these past two weeks, things that have happened both online and in the real world, but you know what? I'm going to try to take a lesson from a book I've been reading this summer, and I'm going to combine it with a few words of wisdom quietly muttered by my husband this morning when I was trying to nail down even more details of this house buying thing. One question too many for the night owl who doesn't even like to speak in the morning, let alone have to make detailed decisions, and this was the reply. In a quiet voice, not harsh or dismissive or even grouchy, he simply said (and I suck at direct quotes, so here's the gist of it) I can't really think about that at work today. . .this evening after work, or tomorrow morning, fine, but not now. He has to be in the "now" when he's at work, and though I have had a tendency to scoff at male-pattern-one-track-mindedness when it creates obstacles for me, I see it now. He's right. Just like the book I've been reading, the one espousing living in the now and not expecting other people to do what you want just because you want it and understanding we are not all always in perfect control of our reactions and behaviors and accepting life as it is instead of worrying excessively about what we cannot control, just like that book says. Life is the now. Do what you have to do now, and don't misdirect your energy into worrying about what other people think about your choices.
Clear as mud, right?
Gotta run. Munchkin #1 is up, and #2 could use a wake up call, LOL. Hope you each have a blessedly fine Friday, just right for you :)


rosebud101 said...

You're right, Ang, but the grade school kid in me is laughing now as I look at that picture.

Ellen said...

I love poop stories and, of course, I have one of my own.
I was standing on the beach with a friend who was holding a large styrofoam cup of Pepsi. All of a sudden the pop in her cup splashed out and up onto her chest. We thought the guys we were talking to had thrown something at us until we looked at her body - it not only was covered in carbonated drink but
BIRD POOP!!! A gull let 'er rip from above and against all odds, it landed in my friend's cup. Yuck.

angelinabeadalina said...

Heehee, Mallory, it really was funny, I have to admit :)

That's a great story, Ellen. . .I can only imagine the "ewwwwwww" moment when you two realized what was mixed with the soda, LOL