Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hot Air on a Cool Morning-- Balloon Fest 2009

This is not an unusual site for mid-August in this neck of the woods because Centralia's Balloon Fest is in its 20th year of bringing hot air action to the area. During Balloon Fest weekend, it isn't unusual for me to the north and see a multitude of hot air balloons slowly floating closer and closer to Irvington.

As soon as I see balloons coming our way, I rush James and Kate out of bed and into the van so we can join the mostly safe and slightly crazy chase to get to the balloons. All the country roads around here are laid out in a grid, and you can usually see for miles in any direction. . . perfect for balloon crews staying close to their pilot, as well as for the rest of us who love to watch it all up close. Balloon pilots and crews are always so generous with their waves from the air, and they are always patient and happy to share the excitement with onlookers.

Isn't this pretty cool? It's what I saw to the northwest of our house this morning right before I ran back inside happily shouting, "James! Kate! The balloons are coming our way!"

The boy shields his "still morning dizzy eyes" from the bright sunlight and spots balloons floating across the soybean fields. His favorite balloon is almost always the Pepsi balloon. He especially likes the one shaped like a Pepsi can. It wasn't here this year, but Pepsi did send a regular shaped balloon with the trademark blue, red, and white Pepsi-Cola on it.

Kate perches in the doorway of the van and searches the sky for some of her favorite multi-colored splashes of inflated silk. Must be the artist's connection that draws her and me to most of the same balloons.

It's a total eclipse of the balloon! My first thought as I focused the camera was something along the lines of "what the heeeeeeeeeeeck?" and "what did I mess up on the camera now??." Took me a second to register why one balloon was so brightly lit by the morning sun and the other was so dark.
Another brilliant splash of color lands. This is just a wonderful weekend around here, ya know?


ShellyD said...

What a sight to see?? Absolutely fabulous. If I remember correctly would this be the same balloon event that you posted pics of last year - WOW!! has it been a year already.

Glad you all had fun!!


rosebud101 said...

Ang, More and more memories for you!

angelinabeadalina said...

Yep, Mich, you have a good memory! Mallory, you know how these local celebrations become a natural part of your calendar, just like the parades you guys have up there. It does make for some cool memories.