Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Important Decisions in Life. . .Like Coffee vs. Incense

Having nothing better to think about this fine day (here's where you have to imagine me, trying to be calm and peaceful and accepting of the fact that I can't dictate the behavior of other people but must instead focus on my own reaction and behavior), I bring you the dilemma facing me this lovely morning. Coffee? or Incense?
Generally speaking, you'd think the easy answer would be "both." "Both" won't work in this situation, or at least not at the same time in this location. Unless the power is out for more than a few minutes, I don't light candles in any other part of the house besides the kitchen. Granted, I'm not scared of flame (remember, I melt glass with flame), but I am careful and prefer to leave lit candles out of harms way in the center of the stovetop. Now, candles aren't the same as incense, from what I can tell, but the same caution seems warranted for the incense. . .or maybe, it's just that I like routine. Whatever. That part is the safety blah-blah-blah argument.
Here's the real deal. My nose is a dud. Oh, it's a cutie in its own way, but it ain't gonna win any challenges with a bloodhound. After the first whiff or two of a new smell, my nose puts the scent on ignore. Well, okay, some smells persist, even with my lame snooter. Those smells would be my brother's socks after a day at work, my daughter's feet after she's been wearing plastic shoes, and pig poop. Anything else requires my immediate enjoyment if it is a good smell. Mmmmm, I'm thinking of garlic and pepper chicken roasting in the oven. I'm thinking of ocean or clean linen scented candles. I'm thinking of coffee perking in my Bialetti stovetop espresso pot, first thing in the morning. I'm thinking of the Sakura scent incense to go with that adorable little bunny incense holder on the petal pink saucer that my hubby brought from Japan a few weeks ago.
Ah, the coffee versus the incense at the start of the day dilemma. My coffee tastes reaaaaaaaaallllllllllllly good. . . to me. I've been told by my children that it smells like train oil. In any case, it isn't a light, retiring scent, and it sure doesn't mix with any lilting, peaceful Sakura incense. I *want* them both this morning. Unfortunately, given my lame sniffer and my addiction to sipping train oil first thing in the morning, the cute little Sakura bunny didn't stand a chance this morning.
Silly, isn't it? Oh, I agree that if that is my worst dilemma, then I am extremely lucky! I am pretty lucky, in that none of the real life or online poop bothering me is life-threatening. I have to admit, though, that I'm not as cooooooool about life's curveballs as I'd like to be. I've been working on it these last three years, though. Funny, discovering glass melting and all the places art and glass can take your mind set me on a path of growing up a little bit, too. I'm consciously trying to live and let live because I can now see that each of us has our own experiences and feelings that lead up to where we are at any one point in our lives. . .and those points are pretty darn unique, so how could I honestly judge someone else? I'm consciously trying to follow that old adage "if you can't say anything good, don't say anything at all". . . and if you remember me from my first forty years, you know that's a pretty big switch from being the girl who likes to repeat the twisted version which is "if you can't say anything good, then come sit by me and talk." I'm consciously trying to roll with the flow, not get my panties in a twist, be cool as a cucumber, and say with the calmness of a Dalai Lama "it is what it is". . . and trust me, that's a whole lot easier to write than it is to do.
Ah, but the more I write it, the more I read it, the more I repeat it to myself, the better I get at it. So, if inane little essays about coffee versus incense help, then I guess I'm doomed to write such drivel occasionally. . .aww, who am I kidding? It's more than occasional drivel, LOL. Just know that I appreciate you clicking on my drivel occasionally, and that I hope your own life sorts itself out each day so that your biggest worry is relatively small in the grand scheme of things, ya know?


rosebud101 said...

Ang, I like your attitude. I feel we can't control what other people do at all. The only thing we can control is our reaction to what they do. I like the way you are teaching yourself to react. You go, girl!

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Angie Thank you, thank you for commenting on my sketch and my notes... and the creative process... I've wondered if I'm alone in this... and you have validated it for me... I admire your work so much... I appreciate your point of view.

BEADNIK (petra.janssen) said...

Sometimes I think we have unconscious power, for our finesse, our intuitiveness, and an unexplainable but ingrained certainty … and sometimes I think „the scent of a rabbit“ is able to rock us so hard that we loose our inner connection ...

Well, I’m walking right next to you. Let’s enjoy the moment … :)