Thursday, August 13, 2009

Well, You Know, A Ninja's Gotta Do What a Ninja's Gotta Do :)

A ninja-girl strikes a battle pose wearing her too long at the heels pink knit pants, a knit toboggan from her brother's infancy, a snorkel mask, and a few dangly blue bracelets. You will note that the ninja-girl is equipped with bubble swords for weapons in her battle with the ninja-boy James. Unfortunately, this mom was too slow at the draw with the camera to get a picture of the ninja-boy in his stealth gear. I can assure you, though, that ninja-boy had no girly accoutrements, like dangly blue bracelets, gracing his battle gear, LOL. He was armed with the other bubble swords, though!

Ninja-girl Kate reveals her identity. She appears to be one glum warrior, but I'm pretty sure the sad face was brought on by her brother refusing to play ninja any more that day.
In fact, the ninja-boy had decided the bubble sword would be more fun to use for blowing bubbles.

Summer vacation is almost over. . . where did it go??


Mermaid Glass said...

It sounds like the same things are going on at your house as I have at mine. Summer's winding down, the kids are getting a little frantic. I'm ready for a little R&R!

rosebud101 said...

How cool is that? A bubble sword! Ninja's Awesome! Soon, the quiet of autumn will be with all of us. Enjoy these memories, Ang. These little ones grow up way too fast.