Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ChickenFriedMush4Brains Attempts 2 Write U Another Blog Entry

It's true, the chickenfriedmush part is how my brain feels after a good day of substitute teaching. Stepping into big shoes and trying to keep them from falling off your feet is a challenge that I like. It's not so much that anyone expects you to actually walk anywhere in those shoes, it's that you try to keep the shoes from sinking into ignorancequicksand and hopefully keep the kids from going barefootbrained. Given this setup for success, how could I not enjoy playing teacher? I suspect the way I feel about subbing is akin to the way grandparents feel about keeping the grandkids once in a while, fun without all the intense responsibility.
Today was little less on the "fun as in haha laugh a minute" side because the teacher is the parent I mentioned in my last post. The classroom kids are sad for her, but they've all agreed that getting way behind in their schoolwork will only upset their teacher on another level. I am so proud of them. They worked so hard today, and they made her cards and letters when they had spare time after finishing assignments.
(insert long nap here. i fell asleep with my own munchkins when they went to behind around nine o'clock)
(insert nothing else here. apparently, writing muses don't awaken after a 3+ hour nap and start cranking out funny anecdotes and serious observations in any manner that i can translate into words for you)
(oh, and by the way, insert a huge virtual hug to yourself from me right here. hope your wednesday is a spectacular one!)


BEADNIK (petra.janssen) said...

A virtual kizz for you, Angie ... :)

"barefootbrained" ... LOL
Such a beautiful word ...!

Aren't we all spiders in some way or another ...?! (... put a big blank here for my missing answer ...)

Lots of love,


rosebud101 said...

As a former teacher, great subs, Ang, were worth their weight in gold. I have a feeling you are too!