Monday, September 14, 2009


I suppose not a single one of us knows which droplet of dew will be the one that breaks the strength of the web.
I suppose not a single one of us knows what to say to the spider who loses an exquisitely woven web, especially if it looked to us to be a young and carefree web.
There's no explaining the whims of nature and gravity, at least not to the spider. The situation simply is what it is.
And, yet, somehow, we long to explain. We long to comfort and to sooth. We yearn to say something that will reinforce the strength of the spider or its web, or even both.
I know of a parent who lost a teenage daughter today.
No one ever expects the droplets of life to pull down one so young.


rosebud101 said...

Oh, dear. That is so sad.

Deb said...

Oh Ang - I know exactly what you mean & how it makes one feel.

It puts everything else into a crystal clear perspective.
I learned that almost 3 years ago when a friend of many years lost her only child, who in turn was a good friend of my son.

I still find it incomprehensible.

CarolS said...

I'm so sorry to hear this Ang. There never seems to be the right words to express your sympathy and understanding. Sometimes it would take me hours of agonizing to write a reply to a heartbroken parent who had lost their child in a clumsy effort to send them comfort and reassurance.

You have expressed something here that is tragically beautiful and profound and I think if those parents could see this post, they would be touched deeply by it.