Monday, October 19, 2009

Basement Storage Password-- CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS

Reporting from Packrat Central, this is Angie Garren of TooMuchStuff2Mention, Inc. The pole building is still crammed with boxes that must have multiplied on the moving trailer, but the garage floor is increasingly visible in larger and larger spots as the Head Packrat puts away stuff, things, and junk. Her credo in the midst of finishing the moving tasks is NOTHING EXCEPT CHRISTMAS/SEASONAL DECORATIONS, TOUCH UP PAINT CANS, and THE KILN may be stored in the expanse of shelving in the basement. I'd like to show you a live shot of the basement, but it's really just a half-level of the house which contains the geothermal system, hot water heater, unused well pump, and a wall of floor to ceiling shelves.

I swear upon a stack of glass supply catalogs that I will not allow the basement to become another Packrat Central outpost. It shall remain uncluttered.

Oh, silly you, I *know* this is a tall order for this family! After all, I have in my stash such "essential" materials as two big boxes of outdated McCalls and Vogue patterns, a withered bouquet of dried flowers with no sentimental value, and long ago retired kids' potty. That's just the top of the pile.

Ahem... anyway. This basement is my one spot of spectacular spaciousness that isn't scheduled to be filled with furniture or random bags of yard sale goodies. Imakeepitdatway2.

Okay, so that's one 300 square foot area I plan to conquer. Sure makes me feel accomplished, as long as I don't think about the pole building looming at the edge of the yard, LOL.


rosebud101 said...

Have fun! It's amazing what you find when you move!

Sharon Driscoll said...

U R Funny! I keep wondering who we are going to recruit if we decide to move after 30 years in this house. I gave the "kids" a car load full for their garage sale and they made $400.00. It did even make a dent in the I"m a pack rat mentally over here. UGH.

angelinabeadalina said...

Send those "kids" this way, Sharon! I'm dreading the humongous yard sale that's going to have to happen. . .I'm contemplating making my prices a uniform $1.00 per plastic shop bag!