Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thankful 4:

  • FAMILY (goes without saying!)
  • kitchen window view of the sunrise over the farmfield
  • fuzzy yellow striped cat waiting on the porch
  • snuggly 7 year old who doesn't really want to get up yet
  • still sorta snuggly but slightly grownup 8 year old who would like to read the sports section of the paper if i've been outside to get it
  • not-a-morning person spouse who manages a half smile instead of a frown at o'darkthirty
  • the feel of wet grass at the edges of my flip flops as i walk across the yard
  • toes that don't mind wet grass and flip flops in november
  • blue jays trying to hide acorns from the backyard under the tree in the front yard
  • any dark roasted, bold flavored coffee bean that finds its way into my grinder
  • favorite coffee cups, be they old or new, big or small
  • the luxury of having enough dishes to be able to choose favorites
  • the luxury of having the freedom to write about whatever i want
  • the luxury of having the freedom to say yes when others say no, to say no when others say yes, and to not have to say why i choose what i choose
  • the memory of standing in the Jefferson Memorial at night, craning my neck to take in the glorious quote around the ceiling
  • torches that melt glass
  • dark ivory glass and gravity
  • glass melting friends from around the world
  • books, all kinds
  • charlotte's web, reading it as a third grader and feeling as if you're sitting in the barn with wilbur and charlotte because the story is so real
  • ma and pop sitting on the porch with their coffee
  • a bubby who lets me dig through the scraps in his shop
  • a soupie who is just too damn funny!
  • nieces and nephews, near and far
  • milk chocolate
  • roasted red peppers and asparagus
  • catching a football pass from james while getting ready to return katie's soccer ball kick
  • knowing someone, somewhere in the world, will read these and think, "yep, that's something i love, too" and "wow, never thought about that" and "i am thankful for so many things, too"

May your Thanksgiving Day be a joy. . .life is good :)


rosebud101 said...

Back at you, Ang! Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Sweetwater Designs said...

great post miss beadalina..its always the little things isn't it..wonder why it seems we are always after the big things in life?