Sunday, January 31, 2010

Something New, or Stick with the Tried and True?

What's your philosophy when making choices in life-- something new, or stick with the tried and true? Does it depend on the gravity of the situation, or do you always approach choices with the same idea in mind? Just wondering, just pondering, just thinking up trivial sh** to fill my blog entry for today :-)

My son has been pestering me for the last hour, wanting to know when the dessert will be ready to eat. Usually, dessert for me involves chocolate, chocolate, and a little more chocolate, but tonight I mixed up lemon pudding and whipped some egg whites for a lemon meringue pie. I'm telling you, somewhere, somebody named Lucifer just got a chill because hell must truly be about to freeze over if I feel like lemon instead of chocolate! Sugar is sugar is sugar, so my son is game for lemon pie, but my husband just made a face at the pie and grabbed the bag of Oreos on his way out of the kitchen. Which brings us to the question of the night. . . do you like to try something new once in a while, or do you always stick with the tried and true?

As for me, I like to try new things, but I have to admit I have my boundaries that aren't likely to be crossed. Chocolate can be replaced with coconut creme or mixed with a dash of chipotle pepper, but it's not very often that a taste for lemon intrudes upon my sweet tooth. Ooooh, that last sentence reminds me of the dark chocolate candy bar spiked with krispy/poprocks-like bits and chipotle pepper that I discovered sometime before Christmas. . .mmmmm, sounds detestable, but tasted delectable.

I tend to think that last paragraph describes my approach to lots of things in life, not just desserts. I have my boundaries (or, more likely, my fears), but I like trying new things. Okay, I admit it, I'm half worrier-before-the-fact pessimist and half everything-is-good-in-hindsight optimist, so my trying new things is almost always on a small scale. You know, I'd rather risk taking a tumble off the side of a mole hill in pursuit of a fairly good view than risk free falling thousands of feet off a true mountain in pursuit of a spectacular view. Good? Bad? Who can really say? I think it all depends on whether you have to live in real life or get to reside in a pretty ivory tower, or maybe it all comes down to whether or not you have responsibilities to other people? or, maybe, it all comes down to what/who you hide behind as your excuse for choosing safety?

If I knew the answers to all those questions, do you think I'd be sitting here typing away? Nah, probably not. . . I think I'll go try a slice of that lemon pie, now :)


Cindy Gimbrone said...

Good question! I think I like to think I take risks - isn't a spectacular view worth it? But I'm not sure I really do what I think - you know, we all exaggerate somewhat on our actions - it makes a better story in the re-telling.

I'm a lemon lover along with a chocolate lover and oh yeah, that chipolte chili - nothing like smoking a jalapeno to bring out the flavor! But as for jumping off the side of the mountain for the spectacular view? I think I'm rolling down the side of a hill with ya, Angie. But it feels like I'm jumping off the mountain and if I'm rolling down the hill with you - the view IS spectacular!

:-) Cindy

angelinabeadalina said...

Luv ya, Cindy :)

Ellen said...

I'm a mole hill gal - all the way. I like trying new things, tho', but not into risking body parts.
Life is not a dress rehearsal so I do push myself to step outside the box periodically. Keeps the edge from getting dull.

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Yeah... Lemon pie... when my Mom makes one,... I have NEVER attempted to make one, I've made a key lime pie, but they are easy to make... and I prefer either one of those to chocolate... am I weird?

angelinabeadalina said...

Hey, the lemon was actually pretty good, even considering it came from a box and the meringue was a little overbeaten!