Monday, February 1, 2010

Shhhhh...Be Very, Very Quiet

The loudest sounds in the library at the moment are the hums of the computer hard drives and the conversation of the librarians as they try to fix a circulation problem. . .and I'll bet you've never heard a librarian speak very loudly, so you understand exactly how quiet it is, right?

After a long day of reinforcing the idea that Monday is a work day and not just a warm-up day, I'm ready for the quietude. During my lunch break, which happens to be later in the afternoon and fairly solitary, two teachers passing through offered to turn on the fluorescent light. Each time, I quickly thanked them and said "the window light is fine with me, you don't have to bother unless you need more light." Each time, they smiled a smile of recognition.

You see, if every day of the week were equal, we wouldn't need seven different names, would we? We could just call five of them Weekday, Weekday, Weekday, Weekday, and Weekday. Those would be followed by Weekend and Weekend. They aren't all the same, though, are they? Ever had a case of Sunday night blues, that sinking feeling of dread of the coming Monday that makes you almost too paralyzed to enjoy the last hours of your weekend? Ever experienced the limitless possibilty of an early start on Saturday morning? Ever mistaken a Tuesday for a Thursday and felt letdown for the rest of the week? Ever wished that Thursday was indeed Tuesday because you've had a good week and don't want to lose the momentum? Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. . . each has its unique position in each of our minds, doesn't it?

Some times (and yeah, I really mean it), Monday can be one of my favorite days. I think today might have been a toss-up Monday, not all bad, not all good, just "Monday."

May life give you a few moments of quiet on a Monday when you need it. I think that pretty much sums up my blessing for today :)

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