Sunday, March 7, 2010

Which Ranks Higher-- FancySchmancy Mating Dance or Cleaning Out the Garage?

Yes, Dear, I see your pretty feathers and magnificent wingspan. I am impressed, really I am, and I'll be sure to tell my friends all about you again.

Hmmm, maybe a few flaps and jumps will get a more enthusiastic response?

Alright, Honey, I'll go home and clean out the garage. Wouldn't that be a thoughtful expression of my love for you?

Yes, Dear, I have to say that would impress me, especially since I keep knocking over junk I've left at the front of the garage whenever I walk around the front of the van. You're my hero!

This thinly disguised scenario is dedicated to my ever-practical, ever-non-romantic husband. Your cleaning up the front of the garage (you know, the place where I kept piling stuff I didn't want to drag into the house because I'm trying to keep from cluttering up the house) is actually much nicer than a bouquet of flowers :-)


Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Oh for SURE better than flowers... especially, if it's YOUR mess he is cleaning up...but just as good if it's his own mess... because you didn't have to do it :-)

Mermaid Glass said...

Definitely the mating dance! 'Our' sandhills just hatched two of the tiniest, sweetest little babies. They're nested on a miniscule island in the lake, about 20 feet from our bank and I'm just mesmerized watching them.

angelinabeadalina said...

So cool, Laurie! I've never seen the babies. Flocks of the grownups show up in the farmfields where my parents live in Kentucky. I go out and try to get close as I can to them. I love to hear the whish-whish of their wings beating when a group flies overhead.