Monday, April 5, 2010

Where Else Would You Play Basketball, Anyway?

There has to be a clever meaning in this picture. I just know it says something about Kentucky, growing up in basketball country, and growing up in the country. Where else, but in Kentucky, would you find a couple of kids dribbling their basketballs on the bed of a wagon?

These two aren't growing up in Kentucky, basketball is a newfound game instead of bloodsport, and wagons are just another flat spot to them. . . but the scene says so much to their mother, this Kentucky born and raised chick.

We didn't grow up on a big farm, but we were surrounded by farmers AND our mother's gardens were gigantic. We had a few beef cattle, a few pigs, a bunch of chickens, and lots of room to explore. I think all three of us consider ourselves "country." Whether Soupie and Bubby think I count as "country" is another story, we've got our differences in those regards.

Still, I can tell you about a wagon. A wagon can be for stacking square bales or for hauling firewood. A wagon can be stacked with sticks of tobacco or filled with corn you've picked by hand. A wagon is a useful piece of equipment. . . and a perfect place to play! If the wagon has sides, then you've got to pretend it is a ship or a train. If the sides are off, then it can be a barge floating down an imaginary river of weeds. It can be a stage for belting out "Country Roads" and "Let Me Be There." It can be almost any backdrop for your adventures, and somehow, it is special. Somehow, that flat expanse of wood raised off the ground is more intriguing than any regular patch of ground or piece of concrete. All the better for a basketball court of dreams, don't ya think?

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