Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hey, You! Yeah, You with the Camera!

Barb J. invited us to an amazing place last night. It's called The Fort, and it has reconstructed log cabins, stone walls, bridges, and even a jail. Without a doubt, you know I had to take more pictures than this, but this sheep came up to me when I was taking pictures of all the "lawnmowers." It (call me crazy, but I'm not asking a strange sheep to hold still while I check out whether it is a "he" or a "she") started walking toward me with a purpose. It came closer and closer. Definitely, this critter knows a sucker when it sees one. Instead of keeping up with everyone else, and trust me, the kids were moving a mile per minute, I stood there scratching this critter's noggin.
More pictures to come. . . have a terrific Saturday!

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