Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-POW! Pink!

That's some pink, huh? Someone asked me the other day whether or not I'd found any surprises in the yard this first spring. The answer is yes! I knew there were rosebushes scattered in the landscaping, but I didn't know they would be full of these burst-of-sensation pink blooms. Of course, the other big surprise was the snakes, but I'm slowly warming up to that reality. . . I say "slowly" because I had rubber bands around the bottom of my jeans legs for a few afternoons after I almost stepped on that snake down by the garden. I say "slowly" because a tiny garter snake slithered across the edge of the baseball field last night and I didn't scream. I happily scrambled up into the top row of the bleachers to watch Katie's game, instead of sitting down in the grass where I'd have a great view BUT I didn't scream and run from the snake. Progress, progress, ya know?

I'd entertain you more with my backyard stories, but the darn writing muse has been on strike. Seems she'd rather read a book or lounge in the sunshine (when we have it) than sit at the computer feeding words into my brain. I just wanted to check in, let you know I am alive (and well, and having a pretty darn good time enjoying all the spring surprises in the yard, even the lake that now exists on top of my fledgling garden), and say a big THANK YOU to Juls, who obviously has more faith in my writing than I do right now :-)

Toodles for now. . . Catch ya soon. . . You know there's bound to be a story in this whole "she's attempting to garden but she can't even keep a cactus alive" episode of my life!