Sunday, May 2, 2010

Save an Oak for May Day

The Rottens have had their moments lately, namely arguing and fighting about everything under the sun. *That* is another post, all by itself, don't ya know. What I like is that there are moments when they band together to defend a cause. Yesterday, it was Saving the Oak Tree from the Galls. We are so lucky to have two large oak trees in the backyard, but both of them are covered with twig and leaf galls. The kids have gotten the idea that the trees must be saved from the galls, and they have been removing as many affected leaves as they can reach. Luckily, these particular galls won't kill the trees. . . and double the luck, the kids can't reach enough leaves to pull off so many that the trees will be hurt!

I don't think James and Kate realized yesterday was May Day, but I think their timing was beautiful :-)

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