Thursday, July 1, 2010

Angie, Angie, Quite Contrary...

Angie, Angie, quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?

I'll tell ya how my garden grows. The weeds grow quickly, and the grass crabs it's way across the short rows that aren't easily tilled. Oh, you meant the vegetables? So far, so good, as far as there have been any results. Three, 1-2-3, count them, of the many cherry tomatoes have ripened. I hope they don't all decide to turn pretty red this weekend while the kids and I are gone, because the hubby won't give them a second thought. The stalks of the sweet corn are tasseled out, and you can see two or three ears silked out on each one. The potatoes are growing like Godzilla hybrids of some strange sort, but I haven't gotten up the nerve to dig down under a hill and see what actual progress is being made. The lettuce is supposed to be a summer hybrid that can withstand heat, and it does look pretty. . . pretty lonely, that is. I'm pretty much the only one who'll eat a green salad, so I keep forgetting to grab some lettuce at the right time. What else is there? Oh, yes, green beans are growing and growing and growing. I staked some of them early on, forgetting to check the description on the seed packet. These are bush plants, not vining ones. Of course, I still like the look of the twig teepees standing uselessly over them, so those remain. Toss in a few bell peppers that I hope make it to the ripe red stage, some cabbage that may or may not finally make full heads so late, and an assortment of regular size tomatoes, and that's it.

The good news is that part of the garden is going to have to go soon in order to make way for the driveway to the new pole building. HOORAY! I'll give up that southwest corner, no problem. I'll just till a little farther north and east next spring. . . that is if I have any gardening inclinations left once I have my torch set up in the corner of the new shed. Goodgawdglass, here I come. . . it'll be August before the building is done, and who knows how long after that before it has electricity and I have walls enclosing my section at the end, but IT'S IN SIGHT :-) Yeah, who gives a rip about the poor garden anymore, huh? Heehee, I guess I do, I really do because I'm waiting for lots of corn and tomatoes. I'm just happy as snot about the reason I'm going to have to change the garden boundaries!

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