Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cat Whisperers and Such

This is Charlie. My parents and little brother are on his staff. Mother is his hot food chef and belly rubber. Bubby is his crunchy food chef and play/battle friend. Pop is not his chef, nor his servant, but he is probably Chief of Staff in Charlie's mind. Pop, the man who never cared much for cats until now, is Charlie's cat whisperer extraordinaire. Charlie follows him to the shop. Charlie winds around his feet and legs. Charlie meows at him. Charlie watches him. Charlie apparently hangs on every whisper from Stanley. . . and I get the feeling they both like it that way.

Ever since Charlie arrived and finally warmed up to his humans, Bubby has been calling Pop "The Cat Whisperer." Well, of course, Kate and James have heard this term before now, but I don't think they realized they'd ever met one in person until Granddaddy started being one. Watching Animal Planet's "Cats 101" is one thing, being a real life cat whisperer is another, you know.

They've been discussing it, too. Katie came to me with a sad face yesterday and told me about their conversation:

K: I'm going to be an animal whisperer when I grow up.
J: You can't do that. Those people don't make any money. You'll be a hobo, and I'll have to tell all my friends, "Yeah, my sister is a hobo."

Can we insert a virtual eye roll here? I sure hope her knowledge of self rubs off on him, his knowledge of practicality rubs off on her, and they both end up somewhere comfortably in the middle!


Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Well with what my vet charges me... and since I once upon a time competed in dog sports, obedience and agility... there are 'dog psychologists' and people pay them big bucks to analyze why a dog is having issues with one thing or another. So tell Kate her brother doesn't know everything... she CAN make a living being an animal whisperer.

angelinabeadalina said...

I most certainly will :)

Sweetwater Designs said...

Angie, great post!
you have a flair you know~ I'm sure you know. :-)

angelinabeadalina said...

Thanks, Deborah :) You made my day!