Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Be the Weed

Be the weed. Don't just grow like one. Be one, from the topmost leaves to the longest root, and you will survive hail and hell, guaranteed.

It seems the weeds in the cracks in our patio and driveway could survive an armegeddon of almost biblical proportions. If I chose to go all the way to biblical proportions with this battle, instead of "almost biblical," I could smite them down with some Roundup herbicide. The cracks are relatively small, though, so I have tried to avoid the chemical destruction. Instead, I rely on the physical removal of the weeds. I pull them out of the cracks at least once each week.

FYI: I seem to be prolonging the war without making any progress.

FYI: Weeds have some characteristics that deserve recognition.

Think about it. Weeds have an uncanny ability to transport themselves across great expanses of concrete, detect what little viable soil is available, and grow. Vexing as that might be to me, it certainly is an amazing attribute for a plant. Grow, no matter where you are planted. Don't focus on what you don't have... use what you do have.

Weeds have some sound mechanisms for escaping physical destruction, too. Yep, lessons can be learned. For instance, weeds craftily sink very long roots in a short amount of time (at least, it seems that way to me). When accosted by a weeder who relishes pulling them out by the roots, weeds still have a chance to survive. Being uprooted does not guarantee death. There's always a chance roots might be able to sink into soil somewhere else. See? Never give up on yourself until all possibilities have been exhausted.

This brings up the other mechanism of note-- if someone tries to uproot you, cut your losses by sacrificing part of your leaves. After all, as long as your roots are still planted, new leaves can replace the ones broken off by the zealous weeder. Ka-ching. That right there is the take home point worth at least a dollar. When you know who you are, when you are planted firmly in your own beliefs and desires and goals, losing a few days of growth is only a small setback. You know you have the power to grow again, and quite possibly, flourish even more than you did before the setback.

Be the weed.

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