Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dragonfly Days

It's summer.

This dragonfly transports my mind back in time to childhood summers. My mother has always called dragonflies "snake doctors." I remember watching one zoom across the water of a pond and anxiously wondering where the snake was hiding. My grandparents lived in an old farmhouse set amongst many silver poplars and a bunch of barns. Behind the biggest barn was a pond with steep banks, cat tails, and lots of snake doctors. The sun must have been a couple of million miles closer to the earth when you stood at the edge of that pond, because the glare and heat felt white hot on a summer afternoon.

If I could sneak back there today, I'd find a good spot to sit down and watch those dragonflies without worrying so much. Snakes and I still aren't best friends, but it would be okay now that I know the alternative name for those beautiful winged doctors. Wonder if that pond is still there? I'd walk barefoot across the sunwarmed hot metal of the cattle crossing, pick my way around any fresh cow patties in the barnlot, and head to the pond. The grass and weeds around it would probably have dry, brown spots from the summer heat. I'd sit on the bank with my feet planted in front of me, and I'd wait to see what appeared.

Where would you revisit if you could choose any summer spot from the past?


rosebud101 said...

Great story and AMAZING Photo, Ang!!! I love it!!!!!

angelinabeadalina said...

Thanks! It was as if this one wanted to pose. It kept coming back to that one twig to land. Cool to see it so close.