Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Think About It

While the sun is happily heating up that gorgeous blue sky, the wheels in my brain are spinning in myriad directions. Instead of working together to herd my thoughts into a single direction, those wheels seem to think they're really steel balls in a pinball machine. Boing, clang, whizz, ding! Guess it must be time for one of those compilations of thoughts. Hang on, I'm pulling the Play spring-lever-thingie!

  • Thanks to Teri Kay Yount for sharing a health tip recently. She posted a quote about how foods that don't go bad are probably bad for you. Foods that do go bad are generally good for you. Think about it. It was something I've known for years, but I've also tended to ignore it in the last five or so years. Teri, you didn't know it, but that one reminder has stuck with me for the past weeks. I think about it when I choose a snack... the good food doesn't always win yet, BUT it is starting to taste better and better!

  • As long as we're talking food and health, please, remember that those of us who are overweight and out of shape are most likely aware of our current condition. If you feel the need to remark on how much weight someone has gained or how they look in a swimsuit or how they would be so pretty if they lost weight... don't. Think about it. We're all beautiful, no matter where we are on the scale. That goes for everyone, ya know? If someone is looking well, then all you need to say to is "You're looking great!" If you are worried about someone's health, then give them a hug and tell them you love them.

  • Praise and positivity win over nagging and negativity... it's not easy to do if you were raised before society started coddling and praising children (and adults) "willynilly", but it is worth trying. Seriously, none of us could grow into the person we need to be if we were never told how to act appropriately, so there is merit to correcting a child or adult. BUT it costs nothing extra to do so in a positive manner and heap on the praise for good actions whenever possible. Think about it. I have to admit that this does not come naturally for me and that I fail miserably at times... but each day is a new chance to strive toward positivity and bring some good to balance the negativity.

  • Giggle. Every. Single. Day. Think about it. Do it :)

  • Go with the flow. Remember you are part of the flow of the universe, not merely an observer. Think about it. You can't control the flow, but you can control how you move within it. You can float, gently steer yourself, paddle faster in the rapids...whatever feels best for you at the time.

  • "Earthing" is an idea that has made the rounds. I only know this because their was an article about it in a women's magazine I bought at the grocery this week. Apparently, going barefoot, sitting on the ground, etc., has a name now. I love this! Heck, my CB handle when I was a kid was "Princess Barefoot." Yeah, think about it... spending more time outdoors is generally going to lift your spirits in some way. You choose your terms and time. Go enjoy nature's gifts!

Sigh. That's about it for me today. I sure hope today finds you well and content. Love, Ang


Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Food that goes bad is good, food that doesn't is bad... hummmmm Profound... have to ponder that one for a bit.

one-eared pig said...

Great post! I keep bubbles on my desk at work. Bubbles make me giggle every day.

angelinabeadalina said...

Bubbles on the desk makes me smile. Way to lighten the day, Melissa!

lol, Elaine, that handy maxim can also be used by my fat butt to justify brownies and bread and you-name-it-stuff that will go bad if it isn't eaten... of course, I'm not sure I could bring myself to test the theory that those things do go bad if left on the counter for long ;)