Thursday, June 30, 2011

Under the Lights

The third and fourth grade boys' baseball team played a makeup game under the lights last night. Yep, it was a Damiansville doubleheader, with the first and second graders leading off with a game at their usual time. Yep, the photo is about as blurry as you can get, but it serves the purpose. The setup of the game wasn't any different from any other game, but getting to play under the lights surely had a subtle effect on the boys!

AWESOME, that's what they were!

PROUD, that what I am of our son James. This is his second year of playing baseball, and he's put a lot of effort into practicing... and the improvement shows! There are kids on his team who've been playing much longer, and they are really good young athletes. That's overwhelming for a beginner if you let yourself make comparisons, of course. But last night, after making some key plays and hitting a triple, he told me, "Finally, I'm one of the good players, too." He said that with conviction, and the look of confidence was beautiful to this parent's eyes.

I'm not quite sure I've ever experienced that sports moment myself, and it's amazing to me. Now, we all know there are sports advocates and sports notsoenthusiasts. Beyond playing basketball in seventh and eighth grade, organized sports weren't really a part of my life. It's also true that I am squarely in the academics-are-most-important camp. It seems you almost have to take one side or the other, and that is looking like it was a pitfall of mine. "Balance is the key" is applicable to many situations in life. That becomes apparent more and more.

So, unless I want to sit here all day trying to put a bunch of feelings into print in a way that makes sense and doesn't offend either the sports or notsosporty camps, let's just say I'm going to remind myself more often that balance is the key.


rosebud101 said...

Great post, Ang!

angelinabeadalina said...

Thanks, Ms. M! James and Kate both had games last night, but not under the lights this time, lol. James told me his regular glasses (not his sports glasses) are his lucky item... all I can say is thank goodness, because if it was his socks... ewwwwwwwwwww :)