Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Evens or Odds?

Which do you like? Evens, or odds?

If we're talking composition and creating, then it's odds for me. Odd numbers please my eyes, and I assumed this was true for Nature, too. Odd numbers give you one for the middle and two for sides. Yeah, even numbers give you balance, but odd number arrangements have a weighted center plus the balance. So, what up, Nature? What made you put four petals on this gourd bloom?

All of you who actually possess "green thumbs" are most likely rolling your eyes at me right now. I deserve it, too. Really. Why have I not paid attention to how many petals are in different blooms? I think the answer is just what I said above-- I assumed Nature made blooms with odd number arrangements.

Quick. Draw a flower on your paper.

How many petals does your flower have?
(Hey, leave me a comment with the answer. I'm seriously wondering about this!)

So, I can only guess what you all drew, but I can tell you what happens when I doodle a flower. Unless I am trying to make a mandala of sorts, the flower I draw will have five petals. Ahhh, shoot. Now, I just realized I do use even numbers when I draw flowers with more than one ring of petals. That's where the "mandala of sorts" comes into play. I start with four petals, one for each of the cardinal directions, and finish with more to fill in the spaces, just like a compass rose. Holy cow. I just blew my own theory about odd numbers right out of the water. Compass rose?? That name for the symbol on maps has been around for ages... and why would someone compare it to a flower if it didn't have some basic characteristics of a flower.

Alright. That's it. Thought myself into circles trying to write this one... think I best go get Tuesday rolling :)

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