Saturday, July 9, 2011

Gitchyer Boots! We're Weeding the Pond!

Those are my little brother's big yellow overboots he uses for work. What you're supposed to do is wear them over your workboots, so they are roomy. That's my size 8 women's flipflop lined up against the sole. Yeah, I borrowed those boots to wade in the pond and pull out weeds last Sunday morning. I didn't wear any shoes with them. I don't think it would've made much difference. What with the pond mud suction on the outside of them, as well as the suction that got going on the inside and twisted them around my ankles, it was pretty interesting... especially for my brother, working from the pond bank (since I had the boots), pointing out to me (once I was in deep enough to have water threatening to slosh over the top of the boots) that Mother had seen a snake right about where I was standing. My thought was that I might survive seeing the snake. But if it happened to wash into one of the boots when the water sloshed into them, then Bubby might as well go ahead and call 911!

Here's a peek at the pond.

Here's a peek at the pretty yellow bloom you see on those pond weeds.

Here's a peek at one of those piles of pond weeds (some sort of bladderwort, I think).

There will be no peek at me, boots up to my knees, jeans wet and muddy up to my butt because somebody steered me toward the steeper bank with talk of the pond not really being very deep on that side. Can you say "gullible," and can you sing "Slip Sliding Away"?


Maggie said...

I never thought of a pond as something that needed weeding, but it makes sense. How nice of your brother to lend you the boots while he directed from the sidelines.

angelinabeadalina said...

To be fair, Maggie, Bubby has a longer reach than I do and was using his rake from the edge of the pond to get those weeds. When he wasn't busy laughing at my antics, he was pulling a lot of that gunk out, too... laughing, though, always laughing.