Thursday, July 14, 2011

Head North? Go Swimming? Bend a Bow & Arrow?

Weren't we just talking about clouds the other day?

Look, here's another message in the sky.

What does it say?

Your guess is as good as mine.

God, Spirit, Eternal Flow of the Universe... this force is constantly sending us messages in one form or another. What we have to learn to do is recognize and translate the daily messages so that we can use them.

You see, your guess is as good as mine about each message because we each have to do our own translating. You might figure that's an arrow in the sky in the picture above, giving you a sign to continue progressing forward. I might think it also looks like a swimmer, contently stroking through the water on their back. Someone else might see an arm pulling back a bow, reminding them to keep their eye on the target.

May you be blessed with open eyes and compassion for yourself and others as you make your way through today and its messages.

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