Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Am. Hear Me.

I am.

Hear me.

Don't stop at "woman." Don't stop at "roar."

Hear me, all of me, all of the person that I am.

I am short, tall, average.

I am blond, brunette, red, gray, silvery white.

I am slender, full figured, bountiful, athletic, strong.

There are no boundaries defining what I have to be.

It doesn't matter so much where I fall on the physical continuum at the moment.

It matters where I allow myself to be on the ever sliding scale of self acceptance.

Your respect, your love, your confidence in me, these don't create my self acceptance but soundly reinforce it.

For that, you have my gratitude.

I am challenges, tears, struggles, fears.

I am laughter, giggles, unexpected surprises, hugs that last for three days.

I am shy, outgoing, friendly, kind, compassionate, crabby.

There are no limits to what I have to be.

It doesn't matter so much which of these I am being at the moment.

It matters that I throw myself open to all experiences, recognize the good and not so good before gracefully letting them go.

Your support, your ears, your kindness, these don't determine my reactions, but they help me in the daily dance that is life.

For that, I thank you.

I am adventure, contentment, enlightenment, confusion.

I am happiness, doubt, encouragement, deliverance.

I am a perfect storm of possibility.

It doesn't matter so much what the forecast is at the moment.

It matters that I am willing to ride the wave.

Your courage, your confidence, your passion, these don't control the storm, but they sure make it fun to stand with our faces uplifted to the rain and sun.

For that, you get a knowing smile and a bond so strong it can't be broken.


Maggie said...

I love that you are back to creating beauties and blogging. Your words always touch me deeply.

rosebud101 said...


angelinabeadalina said...

Thanks, M & M! I feel better when I'm doing both, don'tchaknow :)