Thursday, July 21, 2011


Na + lar = Nalar

Ancient + Shine= Nalar

Nalar, am I.

Oh, the ancient part is not literally true, mind you. Though, I must admit there might be a smidgeon of truth to the idea that there is something "ancient" about me. If you could only hear me now, you'd know I am chuckling at that. La-la-ha-haha-la! Of course, this chuckling throws people off the Elvin trail, don't you know. Elves are supposed to have such light, clear, singsong-y laughter, something on the order of windchimes and tiny bells. My laughter is more of the bongo drumming variety, I've been told.

Ah, but back to this talk of ancient ones. They do live within me, same as yours find their way through the blood and into your deepest thoughts. It's all a matter of listening for them, don't you think?

Maybe, and I'm only saying maybe, our task in life is to learn to listen for their voices, to learn to see with their sight. For bumblebees' sake, don't you start running around with a club and trying to catch a dinosaur! La-la-ha-haha-la! What I meant is to listen for the hum of life, to look for the messages of time written on nature's walls. I can help you, if you like.

Go ahead, pick me up from where I'm planted. Lift me to your own sweet eye. Look out at the world through me. Yes, my dear, look at the world through me.

Masks have a power, have you heard? Shhhhh, I'll tell you the secret. Masks give you permission to be inside a different part of your soul, don't you know. All those places the world has told you aren't real or practical or necessary are exactly the places you will see when you let yourself be me. La-la-ha-haha-la!

Ah, and when you do it, when you let yourself see, then you will know the "shine" part of my name, don't you know. You will understand, and the light will shine even brighter from within your own eyes.

Laughter and sparkles until we meet,


P.S. You can generate your very own Elvin name here.
P.P.S. Sorry for the blurry pic. Just wanted to show you Miss Nalar's size. She's basically a giant glass headpin, since I made her directly on the stainless steel mandrel (instead of using bead release so she could be removed from the mandrel).


rosebud101 said...

She is so interesting, Ang! Do you feel she's inside your soul? How did she find you? I'm really interested.

angelinabeadalina said...

You know, Mrs. M, the funny thing about the stories when I write them with the voice of the mask (or goddess, or whatever the sculpture is) is that sometimes it's easier than others to get the story out. It always seems that if I can get the first sentence out the way I want, then the rest of the story will slide right into the groove. But if I don't quite feel the groove, then lots of the story won't feel as "smooth" and "right." For instance, with Nalar, I felt as if I was struggling to find the rhythm of "her" voice, even though I like the ideas I was trying to convey through her. I'm more scientist than artist, but I absolutely adore the imagination and creativity and magic that an artist uses. So, when I talk about seeing through the eyes of the ancients, it's with the thought that deep beneath the mystical talk is a profound reality that is not illogical or fanciful... there's always a seed of truth in myth, ya know? Another way to explain that idea is that I can spot a "Snopes says it isn't real" kind of post or email instantly, but I also will look for the grain of truth that inspired the story so I can learn something from it.
So, is she inside my soul? Yes,no, and I don't know, lol. I think we all have the ideas, thoughts, observations about life, but each of us has a different way of connecting with that part of ourselves. Maybe creating the sculptures and allowing my fanciful side to write their stories is the best way for me to connect with that part of my soul? I do know that the connection starts when I'm torching the piece-- I try to "let go" and not force the glass too much. From there, the ideas flow about the personality of the figure and how I can use it to inspire new thoughts in someone else's mind... or even better, remind someone of their own strength.
Whew! Got carried away with that answer, lol

P.S. Oh, and I torched this elf lady a week ago, but I didn't find her name until this morning. I started by googling elf name generators, and then kept refreshing that page until I found the one I thought was "right" for her.