Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sisters and Brothers... We Grow Up Eventually

Yes, that's me with my brother and sister and our mom.

No, I'm not going to outright tell you that's me with the ears poking out the side of the blue bandana.

By the way, Mother used to wear a bandana like that to hold back her hair, and it *did* look cool when she did it.

Sisters and brothers are on my mind this morning because I just spent a wonderful holiday weekend with my sister, my brother, and plenty of other sisters and brothers who make life interesting and fun. Those other sisters and brothers would be cousins from both sides of the family, my son and daughter, my cousin's son and daughter, and even my "sisters" and "brothers" from grade school and high school. Eventually, we all grow up in more ways than just the physical, and eventually, we all realize how much we love and cherish one another.

I love and cherish (and love to pester the snot out of, as well as cherish each opportunity to aggravate) my sister Soupie and my brother Bubby. Those are their real names. Seriously. I checked their birth certificates, and that baloney about Annette Susan and William Lee is a hoax, a sad, sad hoax pulled over their unsuspecting eyes. Poor Soupie and Bubby. Maybe, just maybe, I should write something nice about them so they'll feel better about that whole name mixup. Susie, I love you, and your heart of gold that is bigger than the stash at Knox. Thank you so much for being you. Your thoughtfulness shows itself a bazillion times a day, and while I'm sure everyone already knows that, it doesn't hurt to repeat it. William Lee, I love you, and your protectiveness and belief in doing the right thing are wonderful... except when you decide to protect your stash of rubberbands/waterguns/weaponoftheday and believe that the right thing to do is help your cousins or niece or nephew win a battle against me.

Of course, thinking about my sister and brother naturally leads to thinking about our mom, dad, and their brothers and sisters-in-law. Watching them over the years, it's easy to see their love for having fun together and their love for one another (despite, and maybe because of, all their differences of outlooks on life). It's good to see them together. I could write so much more, but I wouldn't know where to stop, ya know? There's always another story to add to the pile. I think I'll just go with It's good to see them together.

Brothers and sisters, sisters and brothers, watching them together is a joy. It's also a necessity at a family gathering, otherwise, you might be the next unsuspecting target of a prank orchestrated by cousins! Jeffrey and Patrick, your brotherly kindness, um, make that brotherly shenanigans, runneth over the edge of the cup of family goodness. Yeah, thanks for including my husband in the sneak attack attempt to steal back the Nerf bullets from me :) Doris, Rose, and Junie, just seeing your faces and hearing your voices takes me back to Grandma and Granddaddy's front porch, giggles and all.

Sisters and brothers, brothers and sisters... watching James and Kate with Elizabeth and Matthew is so much fun. It's as if the clock has been running since the last time they saw one another because they all grow so much. Yet time seems to have simply paused between visits because they pick up their friendship right where it left off the last time we said "bye! can't wait to see you again!"

Like I mentioned at the beginning, there comes a time in your life when people you've known since childhood automatically become more than just friends. They become your brothers and sisters in this game of life. It doesn't matter when it happens. Sometimes it can fade away for years before we reconnect, but if you are blessed in life, it does happen. For most of my life, I've seen it with my mom and her friends from school. You can see it in the way they are always "right at home" with each other, in the way they know and still love one another right to the bone.

Loyd (and Jacinta by proxy, even though you're younger than us old peeps), Bonnie, Paula and Ronnie, Joyce, Robinn, Marta, Lisa, Lisa, and Scottie, this brings me to all of you. Seeing you in person made my heart happy. Ever hear the saying "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, the other gold."? You are gold... you don't have to call yourselves "old" friends, but do remember that you are like gold. Loved seeing each of you!

*sigh* That's not even all the stuff spinning in my noggin' this morning... but I figure you can use a break after reading this much ;-)

Happy, happy day!

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You have my heart, I'm speachless :)